Shopping with my best friend is always fun – not just the shopping part but the conversations we have – some of which are just plain…weird.

Like the conversation we had the other day, when my friend bought donuts with her last $2 and I bought two scarves with my last $2;

"I got donuts. They're better than scarves."

"But mine will last longer."

"Mine taste better"

"You're not meant to eat scarves."

"But still, mine taste better"

"My jacket's cooler then yours."

"It's your brother's jacket. That doesn't count."

"But it's still cooler – it's a (SCHOOL) jacket."

"It's your brother's old jacket. IT DOESN'T COUNT"

"Yes it does. It's cooler."

This argument went on for about 3 minutes by this time we were almost out of the mall and nearing our bus stop when a guy turned around in front of us. "Hey man, hurry up!"

To which the guy behind us replied "Nah, I'm hanging with these guys now," As he pointed at us.

We just laughed and walked towards our bus stop – we didn't want to be late we've missed the bus lots of times before…

It was only after I was on the bus that I realised that the guy that had been walking behind us had heard our argument and had been laughing.

We both laughed about this, agreeing that it was a good thing that we would never see him again. Lets just say I spoke way too soon and that Murphy (1) hates me in particular.

Not even a week later, at a social (I go to a boarding school and every so often they hold a social so we can…socialise! Most are boring…) someone tapped me on the shoulder. "Um, excuse me but your brother wouldn't happen to go to (SCHOOL), would he?"

I turned to face a CUTE guy who looked vaguely familiar. "Yeah, though he's a jerk… who are you?"

"My name's Xavier. Yours?"


"What year are you in?"



"Well Annalisa, did you go shopping last Saturday?"

"Yeah…ok now you're sounding more and more like a stalker."

"I knew it! You're the jacket girl!"

I can't actually remember what I said next but whatever I said he was impressed – what can I say when you grow up with people being frustrated with sheep and truck drivers you learn a lot of really cool words.

"I'm embarrassed"

He grinned. "You sound like my friends sister - only she's about four years younger than you…I thought you would be embarrassed but I didn't think you would say what you did…unladylike much?"

I gave him a death glare. "Poor girl; having to put up with you and her brother who's probably as bad as you and I would like to think I'm more mature than an 11 year old. That just shows you really, really don't know me – I'm about as unladylike as you can get – except the acting but yeah. Anyway isn't it ungentlemanly to point out to a girl that she made a complete and utter fool in front of you?"

"I've never met her just heard a lot about her and I never claimed to be a gentleman."

"No but you made an assumption that I was a young lady so I was returning the assumption – you should stop stereotyping it's a form of discrimination."

Happy with having the last word I turned and walked away, hoping never to see Xavier again.

"How's my little unladylike sister?"

I was at home for the midterm break. I sighed and turned to look at my brother. "Tim, since when have you wanted me to be ladylike? And you live with me for about what 12 weeks a year - you don't know me that well. I can be ladylike."


Wait - Tim didn't say that last bit! I turned. "What the fuck are you doing here?!!"

Xavier smirked. "Told you she wasn't ladylike - by the way Tim; who taught her how to swear so well?"

Tim raised his eyebrows. "That was nothing - you should see her when she gets mad."

Xavier chuckled. "Yeah I've heard The Rant."

"Anyway Xave never told me how you guys met - actually I didn't know you two had met, let alone were friends."

"He's a jerk - not a friend."

Tim rolled his eyes and looked at Xavier. "You two met how…?

"She's the girl at the shopping centre - the one that had that argument with her friend."

"That was her?!"

"Yep that was me, and just saying, no offence to your brain - what little there is in there…but do you remember that little action they say we need to do to live - the breathing thing? Might want to try it now before you turn blue…you're purple…suits you just so you know."

Tim ignored me. "You think you're in love with my sister?!"

Oh shit. "What?"

"She's your sister?!!"

Oh fuck.

"Who the fuck did you think she was?"

"A neighbour? You've never talked about her - I thought your sister was 6 years younger!"

I turned to Xavier. "That's Katy - I'm the annoying one apparently - he thinks she's cute..."

Tim looked at me. "Don't you even try yelling at me Tim! If you had admitted I exist this wouldn't have happened - we don't look at all alike how are people meant to know that we are related?!"

"How did you make her sound likable when you described her?"

"At least you're breathing again but Tim WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?"

"Um that I described you to him?"

"Don't you get involved Xavier - she's mad…"

"Damn strait I'm mad - 'how did you make her sound likable' and what exactly did you mean by that?"


I cut Xavier off. "Don't - I want to hear this."

I crossed my arms over my chest. "Anytime soon would be great Tim."

"You're such a brat."

"At least I'm not a man-whore!"

"At least I'm not an untried virgin."

"So 'coz I'm not a slut I'm a loser?"


"Exactly my point - though if I was a slut at least people would know we were related…might try it…"

"Don't you dare!"

"Xavier did he just not prove my point?"

"Xavier - MAKE HER SHUT UP!"

"Sure" he replied with a grin.

"Wh… what are you doing?" I stuttered as he backed me into a wall.

"This" was all he said before he leaned down and kissed me.

Lets just say Tim got over his protectiveness (though he did give Xavier a long lecture about kissing me in front of him) and I started to think that not all guys are jerks.