There Something In My Heart

The Queen's Letter No.3

Everyday dwelling in this darkness, the resurrection of the playful fire is my punishment. I lay to remember the beauty wonders of my once kingdom share between us. Oh dear husband when sudden forbidden pride out weights to listen to the faded memory of us. Dumb understanding runs wild about its freedom I have loosened. Careless whispers shows no more tears for me. For there is something in my heart, the door of sin open and stand before my face and death said to me, no sin shall be pardon by me!

Yea the angels of heaven with their golden feet stands mute, the master pity goes's pass mix with earth and the moon. Lay those sexless farewells upon my hot flags of hell for never such an angel of heaven weep so bitterly? Dear husband my lips are like stone and wood a ruin temple. My eyes sorrowful like two devil right and wrong. My body is formed like the murder of able still crying from its grave. My once mighty in mercy are now nothing but two forbidden deeds banish to prolong horror under blessing by man first deeds.

I husband who was born with two souls now know that both souls must die! For the drowning of my weeping has burnt my house, God's rage within you entertain the new covenant in you. But still dear husband there is something in my heart? Deep within in the sin the black chapel, the curse of God's wrath board the wine of speech for none of my pleads reach your ears! It's was their plots, their pride I aim to build a name, their confusion to seek why heaven allow you to love me. So my faith the wiser folly was not for love.

This is apart of my sadden scattered abroad like a high tower of salves unreached. So before night comes take my language, my speech, my first story and let it travel within the mass of confusion.