I hate the way you laugh with me,

I hate the way you make me see,

What a fool I am,

Oh, poor, poor me.

I hate it when you call me pretty,

I hate the fact that you never lie to me,

It's such a shame,

Oh, what a pity,

I hate how awfully cute you can be.

I hate that I miss you so,

I'm utterly alone whenever you go,

I hate that face you so often pull,

That makes you so irresistible.

I hate it when you smile,

Like nothing ever bothers you,

It makes me feel so insecure,

About everything I say or do.

I hated the time when you told me you loved me,

Because I didn't know what to say,

I knew it took all my courage not to be,

Crying the whole damn day.

The reason you upset me,

Was that you didn't even know,

How utterly in love with you I was trying,

Not to show.

I was too afraid of being hurt,

By something you said or did,

Because I loved you so much baby,

It'd kill me to be rid.

I'd hate to loose my best friend,

I'd hate to loose your love again,

I hate everything about you.

I don't want to know your pain.

But the thing I hate most about you,

Is that I really don't hate you at all,

Not one bit.