"Klara, would you please sit down! There isn't a speck of dust anywhere in this house, and you're making me nervous!" Katherine pleaded from the plush high backed chair.

"I know but I want everything to be perfect! Jack's never seen the house, what if he doesn't like it, what if I picked the wrong one, or if he doesn't like how I've decorated it!"

"Klara, you talk to him on the phone every night, he knows exactly what's been going on here. There is nothing to be nervous about. As long as you come with the house, he'll love it."

Klara's face twisted at Katherine's argument. "He doesn't know exactly what's going on..."

"What do you mean? You told him that you bought a house right?"

"Of course, of course I did. And he knows that it's close to you and Oliver. I told him about the bed I chose, and the sofa, I even asked him about the kitchen towels."

"So then, what is it you didn't tell him?"

"I didn't tell him that I'm pregnant..."

"Klara Eiffel! What were you thinking?!" Katherine squealed, half laughing.

"I was going to tell him as soon as I found out, and then I couldn't, because I wanted to see his face when he heard the news. Of course, after that, I reasoned with myself, and told myself that he had to know, because it would be quite awkward for him to walk in and see a baby crawling around. On our next phone call however, he told me that he would be home in three months. That meant that he would be home before the baby would be born, and so, I didn't tell him then either."

"You are six months along and he has no idea that he's going to be a father...at least now I understand your pacing."

Klara nodded, pulling a hand up to her mouth, chewing frantically on a hang nail. She sat for a moment on the sofa, but then stood again, walking around the small parlor for what would have been the fifteenth time. Jack would be home any minute, and it would only take a moment for him to realize that Klara had left something unsaid, a quite important something.

"I think I'm going to wait on the porch..." Katherine said, interrupting Klara's own thoughts.


"You and Jack are going to have plenty to talk about when he gets home, Oliver and I don't need to be here to get in your way. I'll just sit on the porch with Elizabeth until Oliver comes, and we'll go pick up the children from my parents."

"But the baby shouldn't be outside, it's ok for you to stay, really."

"It's a beautiful day out Klara, a little fresh air won't hurt her, besides, I can already tell she loves the sun." Katherine smiled, brushing the cheek of the infant in her arms. "You can come visit tomorrow, and tell me everything that happened, after all, we're only one street over."

"Alright, I'm just so nervous." Klara sighed.

Katherine stood and wrapped her free arm around her sister in law. "Jack loves you, he won't be upset, he'll be excited. Everything will be fine, I'll see you tomorrow." She left a quick kiss on her cheek, then stepped out of the glass plated door, pulling it closed behind her.

Jack and Oliver had been walking in silence for about five minutes. Oliver had been keeping the conversation rolling, but must have suddenly understood how nervous Jack was. They walked along the winding rue, Jack holding tight breaths in his chest, waiting to stop at the house that was his and Klara's. He didn't know which it was, and therefore looked at each house with a wondering gaze. As they continued to stroll along the street Jack noticed Katherine, Oliver's wife, sitting alone on the steps of a house further down the road. "That must be it," he thought, his pace quickening.

"Kath, Lizzy, what are you doing outside?" Oliver called.

"Just wanted to give Jack and Klara a little privacy." she answered sweetly, kissing her husbands cheek. "Hello Jack," she smiled, pulling him into half a hug, "wonderful to see you, you look well. Klara's inside, she's anxious to see you."

"So, this is my house, our house?"

"Sure is." Oliver laughed.

"Do you like it?" Katherine pried.

"I love it, she did an excellent job." Jack said in a breath, admiring the stone faced house, with plum shutters and a beautifully elaborate door.

"She'll be so glad." Katherine smiled. "Well, we're off, the children are at my parents, we'll keep them overnight, but do come and visit tomorrow."

"Of course..." Jack said, somewhat in a trance. They walked away, leaving him gazing at the new home he would share with his wife. She was just inside, he smiled at the thought of how close she really was. He envisioned her as he began to walk up the three stairs leading to the beautiful front door. Clutching the handle, he wiped a sweaty hand on his trousers and pushed the door open.

Klara was waiting in the landing, a nervous grin covering her delicate face. She blushed adorably, and Jack found himself running toward her, unable to wait to wrap his arms around her. It had been so long, longer than they had ever been apart before. He smelled her hair, and clutched the back of her dress. Her head rested on his shoulder, the softness of her skin brushing against his neck. For so long he had wondered what this day would be like, finally able to stay with her forever, knowing he would never have to leave her again. As he held her tightly, he noticed something unfamiliar in their embrace. She didn't seem to be as close to him, and yet, she was touching him at every inch.

Curious as to what was causing the strange sensation, he pulled away and looked at her. Instantly, he noticed the small bump protruding from her dress. His eyes widened, and his mouth dropped. Klara pulled in her lips, biting them both, obviously nervous.

"Is that...is that what I think it is?" he asked, daring to rest a hand on her stomach.

"Yes..." she admitted.

He lifted her in his arms and swung her around the small expanse of the foyer. His boyish laugh echoed against the walls. After a moments spin, he placed her back on the ground and kissed her fervently, all of his excitement and desire pouring into her lips. Finally he pulled back, a still giddy grin tugging on the corners of his mouth. Klara was smiling now too, she took his hand and lead him to the parlor.

"I should have told you, but, I was selfish. I wanted to be there to see your expression."

"And was it worth the wait?"

"It was more than I imagined." she giggled.

"When is it due..."

"Three months."

"Three months and I'm going to be a father." he said in awe before emitting a joyful shout.

"I'm so glad you're home."

"Me too, will you give me the tour?" he winked, pulling her back into the foyer.

"Absolutely, after all, you'll be spending most of your time here, now that you won't have to pick up and leave for the war."

"I'll be spending all of my time here. And I'll be enjoying every minute of forever with you."

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