I made you mad again
You throw something at me
And scream as loud as you can

I'm jealous of you
Anger coursing through your veins
Making you feel alive

I don't know what to do
I don't know what to say to you
So I just go to bed

You apologize later
With remorseful explanations
And a sad face

I wish I could cry
I wish I could feel something
Even if it is pain

I tell you it's okay
I guess that's what you want
And you are relieved

Now you're words are too careful
Your smiles, hopeful
And your kisses are becoming desperate

I can't find anything in my heart
To give to you for reassurance
So I just close my eyes

Things happen around me
But nothing happens inside me
I've lost interest in this life

I'm numb now...
I know I love you
But I just don't feel it anymore