There is beauty in the silence,

So I slit your throat to bathe in it.

The answers are there in crimson red,

Like the dawning of day on a bitter night.

Springing forth only to fall back.

So fleeting is this moment with you.

In all this pain of ecstasy, its this chaos that comforts me.

When shadowed in this loneliness of my regrets,

It's your face I never forget.

Our love was like building sandcastles in the wind.

So fleeting in its passion, so quick to crumble in.

Bloodstains on concrete, bitterness of torn skin.

The vividness of our pain, bloomed like flowers in the rain.

Yet still I miss the sorrow of our embrace.

The passion of our hate, the love of our sin.

And still in the madness of my mind is where I shall keep you.

Your memories are all I have.

Time forgets our love, like scars that fade.

Until only this memory shall remain.