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My teacher seems to have lost the story…just like she lost a couple of other stories I wrote. She says she's been looking for it. Hopefully, she'll find it – or she found it while I was out sick and she'll have it for me when I go back. Anyway, getting back on topic…I figured I'd go ahead and post what I can, and rewrite the lost chapters completely if it comes to that. I really like this one…

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Warnings: Just in case you weren't paying attention in the summary, there is shounen-ai/slash/malexmale (and a brief, somewhat descriptive kissing scene a little over midway through this chapter). If you don't like, don't read – just turn back now. That's what back buttons are for. If you flame me about it, I'm just going to ignore it, assuming you either chose to ignore the warnings, or just chose not to bother reading them. Either way, it's your own fault. If you don't mind shounen-ai, then read on…

幽霊の夢(Yuurei no Yume) -Ghost's Dream-

Full Summary

After being accepted into the prominent Mikazuki Academy, seventeen-year-old Shirohana Kita moved in with her father and older brother, Hiroshi. Three months before the move, she began having a recurring dream that eventually became a nightly occurrence. After the move, Kita meets her brother's friends and discovers that one of them is having a similar dream – and has been having it for the same period of time. None of them know what meaning the dreams have, but they are all sure that Kita and her brother's friend are in danger. They begin their search for the answers and the more they uncover, the more certain they become that time is quickly running out.

Movement 1.(Yume) -Dream-

Darkness. Silence. The only feeling I have is of the ground beneath my feet. Just like all of the other times before this. I know what's going to happen next but I don't know when. That's the only thing that's ever different. As futile as I know it is, I stand still, listening intently for any clue that what happens next is coming. I don't know why I do. There's never been anything before and it's not as though I could stop it from happening even if I did know.

Then it happens without warning, just like all of the previous times. The darkness around me seems to explode into a scene of fire. I can feel the scorching heat of the flames around me and I hear peoples' terrified cries. The place is unfamiliar to me despite having seen it so many times before. The cries continue though I see no one else. That's how it always is. I can hear them, but I can't see them and I can't move to find them: I'm trapped beneath a burning beam. I want to get free, but the beam must have broken my back because I can't even feel my legs, let alone move them. The flames are licking at me now and I struggle to get out from under the beam, more so because I feel as though there is someone important that I need to get to than for fear of being burned by the advancing flames.

I hear creaking above the roar of the fire and when I look up, I see the same thing I see every time: a pillar, weakened by the fire, is collapsing and coming straight for me-

I'm thrown from the dream, gasping for breath. It takes a few minutes for me to cast off the remnants of the dream and then my breathing finally begins to even out. 'That dream again… I thought it would stop once the move was finished and I didn't have to stress about it anymore…'

I sit up and run my fingers through my short red-brown-streaked black hair, heaving a sigh when I see that the digital alarm clock on my nightstand is reading three fifty-three a.m. I fumble blindly for the lamp on the nightstand to switch it on. Finally, I locate it and light pushes shadows back to the further corners of my room. I get out of bed, reluctant to pass up even the slim chance that I could get back to sleep, but knowing full well that I would end up just laying awake until my alarm clock goes off at five-fifteen. I may as well make use of my time.

I turn the alarm clock off since I'm up and won't be needing the alarm now. Today is the first day of school and the day we start chair testing in band, so I can always use the time to prepare a little more. Two weeks ago, I came here to live with my father and older brother in order to attend Mikazuki Academy, a high school-college co-op well known throughout Japan for its fantastic music program. My grades aren't very good, but I excel at music and was able to get in on full scholarship with my flute. My older brother, Hiroshi, is a college student at Mikazuki and has been first chair flute for eight years, ever since he started there in his freshman year of high school. He's starting his fifth year of college and I plan to end his record and take first chair from him.

I go over the music until five o'clock, when I hear my brother's alarm going off in the next room. I grab my uniform – a red and black plaid pleated skirt and a short-sleeved white button-down shirt – and slip across the hall to the bathroom to shower and get dressed before 'Nii-chan(1) gets up. When I get back to my room fifteen minutes later, his alarm is still going off. 'How is it that's never woken me up before? It's so loud…'

I sit down at my desk and prop up my little mirror to do my make-up. Halfway through putting my make-up on, the sound of the alarm clock cuts off suddenly and I hear a muffled thunk and then angry curses from my big brother, directed at the alarm clock, it's makers, and it's maker's parents. I giggle and go back to putting my make-up on, while 'Nii-chan goes about getting ready, making all kinds of noise in the process, which I've become used to.

I'm ready for school by a quarter of six, so I gather my school bag and flute up and go downstairs to the kitchen to make breakfast. Hiroshi comes down at six-thirty, looking exhausted, rumpled, and in severe need of a cup of coffee. While he's getting his coffee, I dash back upstairs to grab a sweater out of my room – it's chilly this morning and 'Nii-chan and I have to walk to school.

As an after-thought, I stop in the bathroom to hunt down my lip balm – playing an instrument with chapped lips is no fun and it's a constant battle to keep them from getting chapped in the first place. My eyes fall on the soap and shampoo resting on the shower's shelf beside mine; they're the same brand – and scent – that I use. I've been here two weeks and I still haven't met 'Nii-chan's girlfriend, which I find hard to believe since she obviously practically lives here. I haven't seen 'Nii-chan's soap or shampoo, but I suppose he probably just moved them so there would be room for me to leave my things out. He always has been really sweet and considerate.

I push the thoughts from my mind when I hear the doorbell ring. It must be Hiroshi's girlfriend; who else would come over at this time of the morning? I go back to hunting for the elusive tube of lip balm and five minutes later I finally locate it in the medicine cabinet, though I have no idea how it got there. Lip balm in my possession, I dash back downstairs to eat breakfast. At the bottom of the stairs, I head down the front hall towards the back of the house, where the kitchen is. As I'm turning the corner into the kitchen, I begin to ask 'Nii-chan who our guest is.

I cut myself off before anything more than ''Nii-chan' has left my mouth. Hiroshi has Akira – the one friend of his that I've actually met – pinned against the counter, one hand somewhat tangled in Akira's burgundy-streaked black hair, the other up the front of Akira's uniform shirt, and he's kissing him. Or rather, they're kissing each other; if his quiet moans and the arms around my brother's neck are any indication, Akira has absolutely no inhibitions about kissing my brother. At the sound of my voice, they both jump apart as though they'd been electrocuted, Akira's face flushing a deep red as he hurriedly straightens his uniform, and 'Nii-chan fumbling to re-button the top couple buttons on his own shirt.

Hiroshi stutters, trying desperately to form a coherent sentence while I just raise an eyebrow at them. This explains everything. Completely – the soap and shampoo, the distinct lack of even a mention of a girlfriend despite my having heard him on the phone numerous times in the past two weeks with someone he spoke to as though in a serious relationship with… Shrugging it off, I move past them to get dishes out of the cupboard. Digging out plates and ignoring my brother's frantic attempts to try to explain why I just caught him making out with another guy in the kitchen, I say, "Have you eaten breakfast yet, Akira-nii-chan(2)?"

Realization dawns on both of them after a moment that my addressing Akira as 'Akira-nii-chan' means that I'm not disgusted or bothered by their relationship – and I'm pretty much welcoming him as a part of the family. His face still flushed with embarrassment, Akira-nii-chan shakes his head in response to my question as Hiroshi lets out a sigh of relief.

"Umm…Can you...not mention this to Dad?" 'Nii-chan asks, accepting a plate of food when I offer it to him. "He, uh…doesn't know, and I'm not really sure how he'd react…"

"I won't say anything," I shrug. "Just keep the making-out to your room from now on, hm? I don't care if you want to kiss in front of me or something, but I don't need to see any more than that."

At 7:25, we get ready to walk to school. Leaving, we meet up with 'Nii-chan's other three friends on the sidewalk outside the house. Hiroshi introduces me to them as we head off to the academy. The most talkative and friendly – and the tallest – of them is Yutaka. He's so open and friendly that I couldn't hate him if I tried; he and my brother seem to enjoy making fun of each other, too. Quieter than the others is Kazuki, who, my big brother tells me, is first-chair violinist. Kazuki nods and gives me a small shy smile, but doesn't say anything. The shortest one is the current second-chair flute, Tetsuya. He's pleasant enough, but something about him just irks me.

Mikazuki is about a twenty-minute walk and the rest of the walk is spent discussing our upcoming chair test and our class schedules. My recurring dream is the furthest thing from my mind.

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(1) 'Nii-chan - Japanese; an affectionate term meaning 'big brother'. The -chan suffix used by Kita is a bit childish; -san would be more mature, but her character and relationship with Hiroshi is such that -chan is really more appropriate for her.

(2) -nii-chan - Again, 'big brother', but this time, she is speaking to/of someone she isn't related to. And, once again, -san would be more mature than the -chan used, but this is her way of letting them know she has no problem accepting their relationship, as - among their group - she usually only refers to her brother with that honorific.