Author's note: Two updates in one day! Yeah...This is a little bonus (well, maybe not X3) that I hadn't been planning on. I was bored and hit a nice hard writer's block less than half a page into the next chapter. Rather than try to wait it out, I figured I'd make up a little writing exercise for myself and at least get some writing done – and maybe get myself unstuck.

The exercise: put my Walkman (yeah…I don't have an iPod…my laptop probably wouldn't have taken too kindly to the software X3 so simple MP3 player it is) on shuffle and write something having to do with the title or a feeling the song gives me. In the time frame of the song. Once the song is done, I don't get to touch the piece - it's done. And I didn't skip a song unless I absolutely couldn't write anything – that happened with a couple because I had no idea what the song title translated to; my Japanese is unfortunately limited and that's all I have on my MP3 player X3 I will warn you right now, when I only knew part of the song title for sure, I ran with that part and ignored the rest… These aren't horribly…coherent, either.

So onto my drabble, paragraph, writing…things…

1. in one sense – the KIDDIE

There was one thing she always sensed when she was around her brother and his boyfriend: that no matter the hardships they had to deal with, they wouldn't let their love for each other – or their friends – suffer. Somehow they always managed to be happy in the end, maybe because, she figured, they knew they had each other and their friends to the end and that that was what got them through.

2. Tenshi no Saikai (Angel's Saikai…I'm not sure on Saikai, but I think it means a meeting of some sort) – AILE

He was an angel in the darkness to Hiroshi and for that – even though he didn't understand why Akira stayed with him – he was grateful. Akira was the reason Hiroshi hadn't lost himself when he'd been on the brink, so close to allowing the darkness inside to simply swallow him whole. Whenever he looked into Akira's eyes, he knew that would never change, no matter what.

3. fool or wise. – luvie/ruvie (I've seen it spelled with 'r' and 'l'...)

Yutaka was still trying to figure out if he was foolish for keeping his feelings to himself or not. On the one hand, he didn't want to risk their friendship, but on the other, it was tearing him apart keeping everything bottled up.

Every time Yutaka looked at him, he felt his heart twist painfully in his chest and he had to constantly battle the urge to just blurt out how he felt. In the end, he supposed it was both foolish and wise not to say anything at all, but as long as his friend was smiling, it didn't matter.

4. yume izuru chi (Dream is the only one I'm sure of; chi is probably place…darn you, Isshi!) – Kagrra,

He didn't usually dream; his first dream in some time had been the one related to the ghosts. After that, he thought he wouldn't dream anymore. Yutaka quickly discovered that he was wrong, but his dreams weren't bad ones now. No, these dreams were about him. No matter how bad a dream was, if he was in it, it made everything right again.

5. Uta (song or poem; the kanji for poem was used) – Kagrra,

"The most important thing is that it comes from the heart," Hiroshi explained. "No matter how many pretty words you use, the poem is dull and meaningless if there isn't feeling behind what you're writing. No matter how simple the words, or how few, a poem written with a lot of feeling says a lot more."

6. Hakuchuumu (daydream) – heidi.

Everyone knew he was a daydreamer, but he seemed somehow different to Yutaka now when he daydreamed. Perhaps it was the fact that he no longer shared it all with Yutaka when they would get together to talk between classes or after school when they hung out at Yutaka's house or at the book store.

Yutaka wondered what he would daydream about now, and found himself hoping that he was the one the other boy was thinking about. He laughed at himself for thinking such thoughts, but that didn't stop him from thinking them the next time his friend would blush and mumble something incoherent when interrogated.

7. -akatsuki- (daybreak) - Duel Jewel

Most nights, Akira never wanted daybreak to come because that would mean having to extract himself from the safety of Hiroshi's embrace, and he felt content to stay there until time ended. The sound of Hiroshi's heartbeat always lulled him to sleep, however, and daybreak always came. At least, he thought, night always came again, too.

8. Reverse - Wizard

Kazuki felt amusement welling up as he watched Yutaka trying to get Tetsuya to eat the soup they had brought their sick friend. Hiroshi was sitting on the smaller man, effectively pinning him to the ground, and trying to force his mouth open. Tetsuya was putting up quite a fight for being sick – the same kind of fight Yutaka put up every time Tetsuya tried to nurse him back to health when he was sick. Yes, this was an amusing role-reversal, indeed.

9. New World - J

Once the supernatural world was opened to them, they knew there was no stopping the twists and turns the new world would bring them. Hiroshi accepted the strangeness with open arms, while Kita, despite her fear, kept her head held high and faced it with every bit of courage she could muster. Akira knew they had had to be strong as children but he was still surprised that they didn't even considering backing down. Yutaka was still cowering behind the couch, unconvinced that it was just a branch tapping the window and not an oni come to eat him.

10. Paradisal Halo - Megamasso

Even though it tore him up inside not revealing his feelings, it still felt like he was in paradise any time he spent time with him. Just hearing him laugh and seeing that smile made all his problems go away for those brief moments. That was all he could have but it was good enough.

11. lights you up - unfade

There was nothing worse, in Kita's eyes, than having to say good-bye even if it was only for a short time. That was why she hadn't actually said good-bye to Saki before she left; she didn't know if she would ever see her friend again, but saying good-bye brought that possibility up and she didn't want to think about it.

Maybe that was because the last time she had had to say those words, they had been to her brother and it was a long time – an eternity, it seemed – before she saw him again. She didn't think she could deal with the pain again.

When she answered the door and Saki was standing there grinning, Kita knew that no matter how scared she had been about saying good-bye, those who meant the most to her would never make a good-bye a final good-bye. They would always be there with her, in one way or another.

12. Hatsukoi (First love) – An Café

She couldn't remember when her first love had been; she had honestly really not thought anything of it, of love in general, very much. Until now. He wasn't her first crush, sure, but in a way that's what it felt like. Kita didn't know when it had started; all she knew was that one day she felt a bit shyer than normal around him. And when he was looking over her shoulder at the text book in her lap to help her with her trig homework, she was suddenly very aware of her feelings and how close he was. And she couldn't stop blushing. Yes, this all felt very new to her.

13. Innocent – Bergerac

"Where is it?!" Hiroshi's demand had an accusing tone to it.

"What are you looking for?"

"My red sweater. What did you do with it?"

Akira knew which sweater he was talking about. It was an atrocious garment and he didn't like it one bit. He hadn't done anything with it, though, and he said so. Accept hide it in the back of the closet in the storage room where he'll never find it.

14. Kaze no Kioku (Memory of wind/Wind's memory) – Kagrra,

When Hiroshi was feeling poetic, he sometimes liked to compare human memories and existence to the wind. To most people, he didn't always make much sense when he started talking that way, but even when he didn't always entirely understand what his boyfriend was going on about, at some level, he felt what the other man meant. And that was all the understanding he needed.

15. Boys&Girls – LM.C

It drove Tetsuya crazy when people talked to them as though they were still children – as though they were still nothing more than dreamers. Sure, maybe to some of those people, their dreams looked too ambitious, but all that meant was that they were just going to have to work that much harder to achieve them.

No one expected to hear Yutaka voice those exact thoughts to their substitute teacher when he called them 'boys and girls'. Sometimes Yutaka seemed like a big kid, but obviously there was more to him than anyone else knew. Tetsuya knew, though, and that seemed to be enough for Yutaka.

16. Lost – J

Yutaka had never felt as lost as he did when he realized how he felt about him. He tried so hard to correct it that he supposed he had really only tangled his feelings up further and so he stopped questioning it and decided to just accept it. He was still lost, but now it didn't seem so bad.

17. eternal love - AILE

Hiroshi had never believed that love lasted. After all, his father never stayed in relationships very long. His mind changed, though, when he met Akira and felt love – real love – for the first time. He didn't feel like eternity was long enough for his love for Akira to last. Whenever he tried to find the words to voice that without sounding stupid or lame, he never could. One night, though, curled up with Akira, the younger man's head tucked underneath his chin and his arms securely around him, Hiroshi just said it. Akira didn't think it sounded lame at all. In fact, after he said it was when Akira had finally set his doubts aside and kissed Hiroshi for the first time.

Hiroshi was a little embarrassed to admit that it had been Akira and not himself who initiated their first kiss, but the happiness in Akira's eyes whenever he remembered Hiroshi's words was enough for him to put his embarrassment aside.

18. Caramel - SID

Before Akira, Hiroshi had never been horribly fond of caramel. Now, though, whenever they were apart for long periods of time, Hiroshi would find himself craving caramel. He figured it had something to with the fact that that was one of the things Akira tasted like when they kissed.

19. Escapism – An Café

He wasn't used to dealing with things like this. There was a lot he knew how to deal with – though if it was anything that brought attention to himself, he would usually hide behind one of his much taller friends – but this wasn't one of those things. And it wasn't something he could escape.

"It's not a date," Kazuki protested weakly. It was futile, but he had to try.

"Oh, honey, it's nothing to be ashamed about. I'm glad you've finally gotten a girlfriend!" His mother happily threw over her shoulder as she dug in his closet for an outfit for him to wear.

Yes, he liked Kita. But they weren't dating. She had called him for her brother because he had been driving. Kazuki made a mental note to later extract some psychologically horrifying revenge on whichever younger twin sister of his it was who had answered the phone and announced to the whole house that it was 'Kazuki's girlfriend' who was calling.

20. Koi (love) – Kagrra,

Love wasn't something Yutaka had been all that interested in. Sure there were girls he found kind of cute that he might have dated, but it had never seemed worth it. Then, he realized how he felt about him. Suddenly, love seemed worth everything.

Author's note: I don't like how a couple of these turned out, but hey, I only had a couple minutes per piece, so that's partly to blame…And yes, more than a couple were Kagrra, songs. Theirs is the largest discography on my MP3 player X3

Number 4 was written in about 45 seconds when the idea hit me like a wood door with about a minute to the end of the song (and trust me, wood doors can stun a person for a moment when you don't see it coming. I'd know. I ran into one once when I wasn't paying attention. X3) I really like that one, too…the song and the paragraph. Yay for Kagrra,! (If you don't know them, I highly recommend You Tubing the song. Or any of their other songs, for that matter. And don't be put off by their appearance at first if you check out their early stuff – they really are good. Isshi just looks a little ridiculous sometimes, especially when he's…er, dancing, I guess you'd call it X3. Isshi's voice makes me all warm and mellow, though, and Shin playing the koto in Utakata makes instant Kita-goo. If anyone is interested in more information on Kagrra, just PM me or email me; I'll be glad to help. :end shameless Kagrra, promotion:)

Anyway…even though these were a little difficult, they were fun so you can expect more at random times.