I threw her against the wall. She gasped from the sudden burst of sheer strength.

She tried to speak; she desperately wanted to talk, to find some way of retrieving control of the situation. I didn't let her.

I leaned in close, funny how I was the shortest, the one considered inferior yet she was the one begging to be touched. She leaned forward, trying to find my lips again. I smirked and pulled back causing her to growl. I chuckled but leaned forward again, so did she. She wanted my lips again. That much was obvious. She wanted my lips, had to have my lips, I knew that. But I wanted to play with her, to torture her, to have her moan my name over and over again before I finally made her come inside my mouth.

I kissed a trail, down her cheek, her chin, her ear. I reached her neck and kissed the skin fiercely, my teeth nipped at her. I bit and suck at her enjoying the low groans coming from her mouth. I left my mark on innocent flesh. It was my mark, she was mine. It didn't matter at that point who would see it, didn't matter that she would probably be angry when she realised what I'd done, all that mattered was that tonight she was mine, all mine. And I was intent on devouring her...

I licked and sucked on her pulse point, she gasped, increasing the insistent throbbing coming from between my legs.

I pushed open her knees with my legs and pressed against her, she pushed her hips against mine, letting me now how much she needed this. She finally regained function of her arms and grabbed my waist pulling me closer, we pressed against each other, my hope of torturing her momentarily forgotten by the need to feel her body moving with mine.

She tugged my closer and her lips found mine, they were soft, so soft, and tasted oh so good. . .

She licked my bottom lip begging for entry into my mouth, I refused. Like I said, torture. I pressed her further against the wall and bit down on her lower lip, she gasped, surprised. 'Perfect' I thought and I took the opportunity to probe my tongue into her sweet, hot mouth. Her tongue flew to mine like a magnet and they danced together, a battle for dominance but tonight was my turn, I won. I explored her mouth slowly devouring her, putting her taste safely into my memory. All the while I continued rubbing my leg against the ache I sensed was between her legs.

I reluctantly pulled away when the need for air became too great. She rested her forehead against mine, gasping for breath. I remembered her arms were still tightly wrapped around my waist, I removed my hands from her hips and picked her hands from my ass and pressed them against the wall, she growled again. I chuckled, she growled more, and I turned my head to whisper in her ear

"You should know by now…" I flicked my tongue out to brush against her earlobe, she sighed. "We're playing my rules." She attempted to hide her whimper. It was a weak attempt, she failed.

I lifted her hands again - our fingers were now entwined – I put them above her head and ignored her look of confusion. She tried to move them but I pressed her wrists tightly together and against the wall.

"Move your arms and I stop. Understand?" My breath was hot against her lips, she gulped and meekly nodded.

I began to kiss her again, starting just below her chin and weaving my way down her throat, all the while unbuttoning her shirt. I undid every button torturously slowly I could sense, and well hear, her impatience, making me go even slower. I pulled open her shirt and looked down at her gorgeous breasts, perfectly filling her black, laced bra.

She managed to find her voice again, "I know they're good honey, but don't just stare..." She said, teasing me. I glared at her and thrust my mouth at her lips and my hips at her weak spot. She groaned and her eyes fluttered shut, it was a chaste kiss, designed to make the other wanting more. I pulled away quickly and suddenly, leaving her mouth trying to follow mine. I dipped down and softly kissed her full breasts, savouring the taste of her creamy skin. She groaned again, thrusting her hips at mine, forever wanting more, always wanting more. . .

I reached round and softly made a line from her stomach going to her back, the feel of skin on skin making her arch her back. I smoothly undid her bra, a front clasp, perfect. I pushed it from her shoulders, away from me, and cupped her breast, rubbing my thumb across her nipple, she moaned loudly and threw her head back, I saw her arms falter and stopped. She opened her eyes,


"Your arms. Sort them out." She sighed and pushed them up again. "Good."

I went down again and continued to rub and pinch at her aching nipple. She shut her eyes, I bent down further and kissed her other breast before taking it in my mouth and sucking and licking on her perfect, taut nipple. She gasped and groaned, arching her back again. Apparently patience wasn't her strong point.

I left her nipple, much to her disappointment, and kissed my way down to her studded belt, undoing it and pushing her trousers to her ankles leaving her in her typical boy boxers – deep, dark and sexy, just like her.

I kissed my way along her pantie line then slipped a finger just inside her knickers, but she wanted more, no by now she desperately needed more. I stroked along her inner thighs after spreading her legs further, and kissed and licked along them. I could see her knickers becoming wetter and wetter with every passing second. I could already sense and smell her arousal and I took every dose of self-control I had left to stop myself from just ripping her boxers off her there and then and fucking her until she screamed my name. But we still had time and I wanted to enjoy this so I waited. I stuck my tongue below the elastic covering her thigh and tasted her awaiting juices, ooh they were delicious, I wanted more, she wasn't the only one in need any more – I had to taste her, I had to have her shout my name because I'd fucked her senseless.

I couldn't help but think of the irony of the situation. I had heard her whimper and sigh countless times tonight when usually that would be me, she was the dominating one, the one who knew what she wanted and went for it. So she was the one who took control on times like this. She always does, but I could never hate her for it, why would I? But tonight was my night, it was my turn.

Screw it. I had to have her and I had to have her now. I stood up and pushed her trousers down further with my feet, indicating for her to shake them off, she did. I pulled her barely standing arms from above her head and attacked her mouth – which was pouting – with my own. She could sense it too, I knew she could, she knew I could wait any longer; I needed her as badly as she needed me. I roughly pulled her only remaining clothes off her and pulled away from the blissfully hot kiss to look at her in all her glory. She was amazing, she was curvy and she was gorgeous. I looked into her eyes and saw the blush I knew would be coming creep onto her face. I smiled and kissed her again, soft at first - a reassurance – but we still hate an ever-increasing amount of passion inside of us and it needed out.

She tugged at the bottom of my shirt to show her frustration that she was somehow the only unclothed one. I smirked and she watched in frustration and I kissed her neck as she held the small of my back.

I held her hips and turned her from the wall and pushed her backwards until she fell on the bed and pulled my on top. My lips crashed against hers once again, our tongues battling and seeking refuge in each other's mouths. I barely gave her time to think before I caressed and stroked her body passionately and returned to kissing her neck, finding her pulse point – licking her and biting her weak spot. I slid down and pinched and rubbed her nipple whilst licking and sucking on the other, she squirmed and groaned beneath me, creating another wave of lust fly over my body and ending at the throbbing in between my legs.

I was about to move lower and give her all the pleasure she needed, all the pleasure I wanted to give her when I felt the sudden urge to feel skin against skin. Her silky skin against mine. I rose up towards her again,

"Taking too long. . ." She complained in a gorgeously husky voice. I rested my forehead against hers, looking into her lust-filled gaze and began to un button my shirt, she kissed me thankfully when she realised what I was doing and undid my belt buckle to push my trousers off me. I slid my shirt from my arms and she undid my bra, I gasped as my breasts fell free onto her own aching breasts, in turn causing her to gasp too. She saw my moment of weakness and used it to turn me onto my back and roughly ravage neck and jaw-line with kisses. I groaned as I felt her wetness touch my hot thigh and moaned when she kissed and nipped at my neck.

But this wasn't what was meant to happening, not tonight, tonight she would be the one on the bottom as I had my way with her.

I growled and grabbed her waist and rolled her over before pinning her arms down with my hands and whispering huskily into her ear,

"Nice try baby, not tonight" I bit harshly down onto her neck causing her to yelp in surprise and I took the moment to bask in the feeling of her body against mine – no boundaries.

I slid down to dot kisses on her throat and mark her once again as mine, all mine. She gasped again and began to rub herself against my thigh causing me to moan and renewing the urge to fuck her senseless.

I slid further down. All the way down. I kissed her inner thighs as I spread her legs and licked where her juices ran down her. I rose higher and higher, getting closer and closer to where she wanted my touch the most. I spread her legs further to reveal the shining pearl awaiting my caress. I leaned down close enough so she could feel my hot breath over her body and stopped, letting her know I was so very close but not actually doing anything.

"Please. . ." She begged, wanting satisfaction.

"Please what Baby?" I asked, feigning innocence.

"Oh just fuck me!" I grinned as she threw her head back and threw herself towards my face.

"As you wish…" I leaned down to kiss her clit, and I rolled it between my teeth as I slid a finger into her heated, wet folds. I pushed it in fully before pulling it out and swirling it at her entrance, taunting her sensitive skin, I repeated the action adding the other finger. I began to move faster as her moans and groans became louder and louder as she struggled to control herself. She rocked her hips being as impatient as ever. My tongue continued taunting and playing with her clit.

I moved my other hand to her hips to steady them as I withdrew my fingers as she was nearing orgasm – I wanted to taste her first.

She growled much louder than before as she felt me stop but I quickly moved my hands to her clit and began to rub furiously making her shout my name out. I pushed my nose in to her small patch of curly brown hair, enjoying the smell of her arousal. I tasted her again savouring her glorious taste and swirling my tongue at her entrance as the delicious liquid became more. I removed my hand from her hips, it had become too much, she was too fucking hot! I began rubbing myself through my knickers as I pushed my tongue in and out of her picking up pace and swirling it and following her uncontrollable hips. My fingers pushed and rubbed harder against her clit, her shouts grew more and grew louder saying my name and muttering 'baby' over and over again as I pushed her over the edge. My fingers and tongue rode her orgasm as she came fully into my mouth and I lapped up all her juices with delight, storing her sweet taste in my memory. Her orgasm ended and all that was left was her pants for breath as the came back down, I kissed my way back up to her face and gathered her into my arms, her face in my neck. We sat in silence like this for a while, just listening to the other's breathing and the beating of their heart. After a while she broke the silence.


I laughed, "I'll take that as a compliment"

"You should. That was amazing."

"Good." I kissed her forehead. She smiled, looked up and kissed my neck before whispering into my ear,

"I love you, you know." I smiled, for the first time ever I really believed her.

"I love you too."

"You've never said that before?"

"I know. But I mean it."

"Good." A look of relief swept across her pretty face and she leaned down to kiss me again before she fell asleep in my arms as I tickled her sides gently and hugged her close. It had been said. No boundaries.