She's untouchable
no matter how much you pray
She's untouchable
no matter how much you hope
for hoping is an illusion, dear boy
and praying can lie to your heart
(Hasn't your heart been broken enough?)
She's untouchable
though you hear her laugh at the blue birds
as she runs across streams and over hills.
She's untouchable
And no amount of fairy dust
You clutch so desperately in your hands
will brighten her white dress
and sharpen her soft brown eyes.
She's untouchable
Dear boy, take heed of my words
You do not suit her and never will
Your fairy dust is baby powder
Your prayers are short sonnets
with empty phrases and meaningless words.
Your hopes are loose thoughts
She knows your name is not Charming.
She's untouchable
Her glass slippers sparkle in the sunlight
And her song fills her enchanted castle
Up in the clouds, she holds a red rose
As she looks at you, dear boy.
You sprinkle your dust and climb higher
She's untouchable
She throws down the rose with a kiss
And you fall; the clouds cover the sky.
She's untouchable
no matter how much you try
to touch her fading smile.