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I miss him,

The way his soft blue eyes twinkled,

His deeply tanned skin,

The warmth of his smile,

When he laughed I was star struck,

There was never a more perfect man,

His dark brown hair was ideal,

That handsome face of his was flawless,

The way he walked was merrily,

Like a child on Christmas morn,

Until he strode onto a ship,

And I haven't seen him since,

He told me before he left,

That when he came back,

It was I he would take by the hand,

And get married as fast as possible,

I wonder, I fear,

Where he is,

Is he on the deck thinking of me?

Or down in Davy Jones locker?

I pray for him,

Asking God to send him home,

Back to his love and his family,

I miss him so much,

I know I could never love anyone else,

One day soon I hope to his ship,

Sailing into the harbor,

So once more I could be with him,

Why Lord, did you make my man a sailor?

I know this is the opposite of the first girl because: a, she's changed her personality or b, it's a different girl. The correct answer is . . . B! I got this idea when I was bored. Hope you'll review. And if you review, your reward will be the self satisfaction of making some one extremely happy!