~ Good Morning ~

The sweet, colorful music of songbirds fills the air, painting a delicate, cloudy morning with vivacious energy. Robins twitter cheerfully and the faint call of mourning doves can be heard in the distance. A red cardinal chirps, alighted on a tree branch as a murder of crows caw, sitting together upon the surrounding branches. A blue jay flutters up to an open window and perches on the sill. Inside a sleeping form stirs, not yet ready to awaken.

Underneath the heavy blankets lays a young couple wrapped in each other's arms and sleeping soundly. The blue jay cocks its head to the side and hops a few steps closer on the windowsill, curious about the sleeping humans.

At the faintest rustling of the bird's footsteps the boy wakes, calm and attentive. He shifts a little where he lay, careful not to wake his lover, and smiles widely at his visitor.

"Good morning," he whispers. The bird chirps a cheerful reply and begins to prune its wings. The boy settles back into his blankets and pulls the sleeping girl close to him. The girl mutters sleepy nothings and leans further into the warm arms of her lover. The blue jay flies off to join its relatives in the morning symphony, leaving the humans to sleep just a little bit longer.

An hour goes by, and the sun continues its daily journey across the sky, shining more fully with each passing moment. The boy stirs once more and gazes tenderly at the beauty sleeping beside him. As he runs his hand through her silky black hair the girl wakes at last; the first things she sees are the bright blue eyes of her companion.

"Good morning," she murmurs.

"I love you," he returns, and kisses the girl softly. She blushes, not used to hearing those words at such an early hour. But his are not words of parting, and he kisses her again.

"Did you sleep well?" the boy enquires.

"Next to you, always." The girl smiles and rests her forehead against his. The two lay there for a few moments in warmth and peaceful silence.

Then, "Shall we get up now?" the boy asks smilingly. The girl nods and lifts herself from the bed, the many blankets crumpling around her. The boy follows suit, and together the two prepare themselves for the day ahead.