Desert Love

In the moment we share a kiss
I feel the heat of the sunrise
Your tongue is the sweet oasis
But when will we reach paradise?

Is traveling in this sweltering heat
A way to hold me over?
A way to keep me dry
Until the rains from our clouds pour over?

The cactus needles around your mouth
Tickle my brown-toned skin
Prickle my neck, give me chills
Before the nectar from your lips flow in

I'm playing with temptation
When your fingers graze my trench
Then they finally fall in
And the mist around us gets dense

Your warm winds dance through my hair
And they travel to my ears
They're softly whispering to me
Please keep going, I'm almost there

Tell me we'll be there soon
Tell me we'll bask in each other under the moon
Tell me you won't hesitate
To pluck the flower now in full bloom?

Can I nibble on the thick flesh you provide
So I can be sustained?
Can you promise me
That the wild animal will be tamed?

The canvas that rests between us
And other fabrics keep us sheltered
This trip isn't getting us anywhere
No matter how many times I pray it gets better

Even though I'm taken away from reality
I'm not living the fantasy
We can't go all the way yet
Because we don't think we're ready

But I want you to take a dive
In the waters of the cave
If we try hard enough
I know we can make waves

Let me climb the mahogany peak
I'll see stars as I go higher
When I reach the top
The rain will douse my fire

We need to take a rest
The sun's gone down, welcoming cool air
When the sun comes up, we'll try again
I know one day, we'll get there.

"Lady Scribe"
February 19, 2008