Love – wait!
Criminological theories;
it all comes down
to the five finger discount.
Much easier than
the quest for love,
in all the wrong places.
Faster; easily referenced.
Dewey's decimals,
and Chicago style.
this education
of a felon;
always running
never arriving.
Count back from ten.

Lust –ready!
The crimes of New York,
beyond the myths
and pink hazy lights.
It's all a footnote,
the real odyssey
is never committed to page.
Reality watches,
naked by the window;
it's heart swells
with lies and hope.
Relentless pursuits
of truth, justice
and the way home.
If you're following along,
he replies with a crocked smile.

Liberty – go!
Cheers to the few
who continue the marathon
long after the race has won.
Tittles fade,
their jackets tear;
the immortal call
of another's words.
One thousand and one
echoes in the darkness,
across the summer wind
-far too late
to say goodbye.
It's her turn to smile,
may I make
my recommendations now?