Author Notes: Origin of Duck Duck and the Original Secret of Sara

Hello and welcome to the first story in the Duck Duck series. Before you start reading the stories there are a couple of points I think you should know.

My brother, Johnov03, originally started the Duck Duck story line. Better known as John among family and friends. He started the series as a humorous comic book series that was hand drawn in a notebook when he was very young. The comics were a mix of the old Super Mario Bros. Super Show and other cheesy 80s cartoons of the day. All of the stories were one-shots and made little sense in logic or in story. I, adoring my bother's works, adapted his characters into my own universe of the Duck Duck world. My stories tended to be more story originated and had a little continually, but that was moot point since I could not spell that well and was too lazy to use a dictionary making my work impossible to understand. Even so, in my stories I started adding characters and places that were not developed in my brother original stories. These characters and places includes; Indy, C. Duck, the owl, goat, and mole species to name a few. My brother like them so much that he adapted many of my ideas into his own stories.

After years of us working independently, I came up with the idea to make a Duck Duck movie. Virtually, it was a bigger story of Duck Duck that was type instead of drawn by hand as we have been doing for years. I came up with the basic story while my brother put it all together and typed it. The finished work was called: "Duck Duck the Movie: The Secret of Sara". The story was about six pages and had a very basic storyline with the big secret being very obvious. Nonetheless, my brother and I were very proud of the story and only revised it a couple times during the years.

When we became older, we looked back at the story and saw just how flawed it was. Because we love Duck Duck so much, we decided to rewrite Secret of Sara to make it the story it was meant to be. This time, however, I wrote the story and the improve storyline while my brother double checked all my work and gave me advise on what I should change or elements he wanted in the story. The end result was a Secret of Sara that surpass all my brother's and I expectations. We manage to turn a rather silly six page story into a small novel that spans over 68,000 words. The base of the story remained intact, but everything else has been greatly alter. The prologue of the story is the only thing of the original that survive and even that has been rewritten several times. In the course of the revising we changed the name slightly to, "Duck Duck: The Secret of Sara", dropping the context of a movie.

The Secret of Sara you are reading now is a combination of years of hard work that my brother and I thought we would never finished. I hope you enjoy reading it as we had writing it. So please enjoy.

As of 3-16-13, this story has been majorly revised. At the time I wrote this, I was very proud of this story and had two other stories ready to be posted in this series. Life sidetracked me and I started to write fanfics on FF. My writings have grown a lot in the last five years. Working in other universes and getting feedback from those works have really taught me a lot about characterizations, foreshadowing, and world building. I was able to come back to this and my other original stories with fresh eyes and see the errors in them and make the proper corrects. Also, the grammar was not that good in this story.

I hope you all give this story a second chance and hopefully, the sequel to this series will be posting in the near future. Hopefully you will all enjoy the improve Secret of Sara.

Duck Duck

The Secret of Sara


In another world, far from our own, there was a city known as Ducktown. It was one of the many cities and towns created in a land known as the Animal Kingdom. As the name suggest, this kingdom was populated by many different types of animals that had evolved into having body proportions and sizes similar to that of us humans.

At the edge of this city was a small two-story dome house made of hardened mud and steel. In this less than ordinary house lived a family of four, John Duck, his wife Diane Duck, and their two children. Their youngest child was named Duck Duck, who was six years old. Their oldest child, Sara, was ten years old.

The night was like any other as the city slept in bliss. On this night, however, the lives of this one family would be shattered forever.

Duck lay deeply asleep in his warm bed. He was currently having his favorite dream of being the leader of an organization sworn to protect the world, just like his daddy.

His dream suddenly ended abruptly when a noise from outside his window tore him from his sleep. Duck sat up from his and looked around in confusion. His mind was still fog from sleep and he wasn't thinking straight.

Duck kept listening to see if the sound would return, but only silence greeted him.

"It must have been a dream," Duck muttered to himself as he lay back down and attempted to return to his dream.

Before sleep could claim Duck, the noise returned. Duck sat back up and he could clearly hear a loud buzzing sound coming from outside his window.

Without wasting another minute, Duck jumped out his bed to see what was happening. He quickly ran towards his window and took a peek outside.

It was a moonless night, so it was nearly impossible to see anything. Even on this dark night, however, Duck could see shadows of winged animals approaching the house.

Before Duck could contemplate what was going on, he heard a window break in his sister's room. It was followed by her screams of terror that could be heard throughout the entire house.

Without a thought, Duck rushed to his door and it slammed it open. He made a mad dashed to his sister's room, which was down the hall from his bedroom. When he opened the door to Sara' room, he was stunned at what he saw.

There were at least a dozen bees in his sister's room. The bees were easily three time the size of Duck and reminded him of the guard from Art's castle. Except, these bees looked worn and several of them had scars marred across their body, making them look even more intimidating. Some of them were wearing some type of body armor that Duck had never seen before, which looked fairly new and advance.

As quickly as Duck took in this information, he refocused himself on the danger his family was in. The largest bees was attempted to catch Sara.

"Get away from me!" Sara screamed as she pecked her assailant's arm with her sharp beak. Despite her young age, Sara's beak, like all duck's this world, was as sharp as a knife.

The bee riled back in pain and grabbed his now bloody arm. "Dammit! You paid for that you little brat!" the big bee snarled as he reached for his weapon that was tucked away in his belt.

"Idiot! The boss want her unharmed!" one of the bees yelled. "She's no good to us dead."

"But she peck me!" the bee argued.

"Your fault for being careless," the other bee countered.

Sara saw her little brother by the door as the bees argued among themselves. Duck was currently frozen in place.

"Duck! Quickly, get help!" Sara screamed to her younger brother as another bee attempted to grab her. Her small size made it hard for the bees to catch her, but she couldn't keep this up for long.

Hearing his sister's plead for help knocked Duck out of his stupor and he ran out of the room to get help. There was no time to call the guard or the army, so Duck ran into his parents' room. Despite all the noise, his mom and dad were still asleep.

Not wondering how his parents could sleep through such a commotion, Duck climbed on their bed and shook his dad.

"Dad, wake up! Sara's in trouble!" Duck yelled as he roughly shook his dad. He got no response.

Duck went to his mom and did the same, but also got no reaction from her. She continued to blissfully sleep, unaware of anything.

Frustrated, Duck stood up on the bed and began to jump up and down on it. "WAKE UP! WAKE UP!"

He was met with only silence.

He soon realized that he was making no progress on waking them up. As he stopped to think about what was wrong, Duck finally noticed as strange odor in the room. He also began to notice that he was beginning to feel drowsy for some reason.

He looked around the room and noticed a broken window. On the floor, under the window, was a container that was emitting a strange greenish gas.

Despise his young age; Duck was able to conclude that his parents would not wake up because the gas did something to them. He wasn't sure when his parents would wake up, but he couldn't waste anymore time. His sister needed his help, now.

He jumped off the bed and quickly ran out the room and closed the door behind him. Knowing that it was up to him to save his sister, he ran back into his room and grabbed the hardest object he could find, which was his baseball bat.

With his weapon in hand, Duck ran back into his sister's room and saw two bees holding her by each of her arms. Sara struggled vainly against the superior strength of her assailants.

"Hide, Duck, hide." Sara yelled in a near panic, but Duck didn't listen to her.

With a loud battle yell, Duck ran up to the two bees and clumsily whacked them with his bat. They dropped to the ground in pain and shock, taken off-guard by the boy's strength and determination.

"Are you ok, sis?" Duck asked as he faced his sister.

"I'm fine, Duck, but look out!" Sara warned as she pointed behind him.

Duck turn around and saw a bee dashing towards him at full speed. He once again took the bat and swung it with everything he had. The bee foolishly ran into the bat, knocking him completely senseless.

Duck was quite surprise by how well he was doing, especially against adults.

Sara gave Duck a warm smile as he stood as her protector against the bees. Duck might appear to be very strong for his age, but she knew his efficiency mostly came from the bees underestimating his determination to protect her. Duck had an unusual protective nature.

"Nice job, Duck," Sara said.

This earned a smile and a blush from Duck.

"Useless fools. How can you be bested by a mere child?" a loud voice asked from outside the window.

A moment later, a big, muscular bee appeared came through the window window. Unlike the other bees in the room he wore a light suit of silver armor and had what looked like to be to silver bracelets on his wrists. He also wore a silver hamlet on his head that had a silver mask that covered most of his face. All Duck could see was the bee's black cold eyes, burning into him.

Needless to say, Duck was intimidated by the figure. He was nothing like the other bees in the room. He reminded Duck of Billy's father.

Duck looked ready to run until he remembered that he had to protect his sister at all cost. There was no one else except him.

"You are a strong little boy, aren't you? Being Diane's child, I guess I should have expected nothing less," the bee leader said with a tone of amusement. "If I had known you would be such trouble, I would have gas your room too."

Duck nervously held up his bat and got between the bee and his sister. Sara gave the tall bee her best glare, showing no fear.

The bee leader look even more amused before he became stoned-face. "She belongs to me now, little boy. If you do not wish to be hurt, I highly suggest get out of my way. I do not wish to harm a child."

"Never!" Duck yelled defiantly as he lifted his bat over his head and he swung it with all his strength at the bee leader. The baseball struck bee square in his chest, but it didn't even faze him.

"You foolish hatchling, did you really think that you could hurt me with such a toy?" the bee leader chuckled. "You overestimate yourself." The bee leader effortlessly pushed Duck out of his way with one hand and grabbed Sara with the other.

"No!" Sara screamed as she attempted to break free.

"Give her back!" Duck yelled in tears. The bee leader gave Duck a pitiless stare, freezing Duck in place.

The bee leader stared at Duck for a moment longer before he turned towards his men. "We have what we came for. Regroup and retreat before the army arrive!" He flew out the window, and the others shortly followed.

"Duck, help me!" Sara screamed as she was being carried away.

"SARA!" Duck screamed as he began to dash towards the window. He opened his wings to fly after them, but one of the bees violently grabbed him by his wing and turned him around.

"Pay back time, brat," one of the bees said as he smiled in sadist delight.

Before Duck could move to defend himself, he was punched hard in his face, knocking him out. Tears ran down his face as he faded out of consciousness. The last clear thing he heard was the sound of buzzing fading.

Duck wasn't sure how long he was out. He only realized that he was back into awareness when a familiar warmth enveloped him.

He slowly opened his eyes and realized that he was in his mother's wings. She was rocking him back and forward as tears also ran down her face.

His dad was also nearby. He was staring out the broken window with a blank expression. His dad was not one to show his emotions, but Duck could tell that he was closed to tears.

None of that matter at the moment for Duck. The only thing that was on Duck's mind was how he had failed to protect his sister. Now, he may never see her again.

"Sara," Duck moaned in his mother's arms.