Merry Christmas everyone! As promise, I special teaser from my new Duck Duck story coming sometime next year.

Also, to all Grandson fans, I am still working on the sequel to that story too. I just have to finalize the story, but it should be out by at least March. Do not worry, I will make sure it was worth the wait.

Until then, Happy Holidays, happy writing, and see you next year :)

Tray smiled to himself as his group finally found an opening in the dense jungle. "Ok, we will set camp here for the day." He stated to his crew as they set down their heavy equipment. Tray was a young mouse with dark gray fur and a medium built for a mouse.

"Are you sure it is safe to sleep out here?" One of his associates asked, which was a mole.

"Relax, Rex, you worry too much." Tray said as he began to set the fire.

"But, the legends..." Rex started fearfully, "...they said monsters that tears the flesh out of animals lives here."

"Which is why we are here." Tray said casually.

"You're new so you don't understand who this guy is." Another mole teased. "Tray here is a Class-S explorer for the Animal Discovery Agency. There is very little in this world that he hasn't seen."

"That is correct." Tray said smugly. "If there are any monsters out here, they would not stand a chance against us." He chuckled to himself.

Rex began to also smile. "You must be really something."

"You have no idea." Tray teased as he began to roast his food.

A couple hours later, Tray and his crew were fast asleep. It was very late into the night when a strange sound could be heard throughout the jungle.

Rex jumped up when he heard the strange sounds. " Tray, wake up." He whispered to his comrade. "Tray, wake up quickly!"

Tray snorted a bit before he finally opened his eyes. "What is it?" The rest of crew also began to wake.

"Do you hear that?" Rex said as he began to search around.

"He's right." Another mole stated. "Someone is here."

Tray slowly got up and also began to looked around. "It sounds like no animal that I ever heard."

"We should've left." One of his mice associates broke. "The locals told us to leave, but we didn't listening. Now we all going to die!"

Tray grabbed him by the fur on his neck. "Pull yourself together. We been through much worst situations than this." Suddenly a huge creature jumped out of the brushes. It had a lot of features that looks like an overgrown mouse at first glance, but it also had dark red ears and bright yellow eyes.

"What is th..." The mole got cut off as the mouse-like creature viciously mauled him.

"Kill it, quickly." Someone yelled as they attempted to attack the creature. The vicious mouse easily dodged each of their attacks and tore everyone except Tray and Rex to pieces.

"Darnit, what is this thing!" Tray yelled as he tried to attack the 'mouse'. Like the others he was also easily thrown off the monster. Before he could get up, the creature charged right towards him. Rex jumped in front of Tray in a roll out attack and hit the monster square in the face.

"Run, Tray!" Rex ordered. " Run and save yourself!" He shouted as he began to attack the mouse with his sharp claws.

"I run from nothing! Tray said as he got up and sliced the creature several times with his claws. After a lengthy battle, Tray and Rex manage to defeat the monster.

"We did it." Rex said as his injured and bleeding body fell to the ground.

"Where did this creature come from." Tray said as he kicked the body. "It is definitely not natural."

"We must leave." Rex said. "The rest of our team is dead; we should just count our losses."

"We cannot leave. We have a job to do." Tray stated. Suddenly there was a low growling sound coming from all around them. As Tray scanned his surroundings, all he could see were glowing yellow eyes in the trees and in the brushes.

"It would seem that we will never leave." Rex said pitifully as he resign to his faith.

"No." Tray said in fear. "I will not die on this forsaken island." A loud roar was heard in the jungle as Tray's group disappeared into the night.