and i thought you thought i'd be yours

something called to me--
somewhere in the way you speak
and something in the song you wrote
surfaced the self-centeredness from my soul
because i thought you thought i was sweet
and i thought you thought i'd be yours--
for keeps and all that elementary school nonsense

i've ventured down this road so many times before
but every time i'd walk the path, i'd realize
i had to go back-- that i needed something else--
so that further down that path i would survive
i want to survive the obstacles that come with wanting you
i want to have a taste of that which others have savored

because every time i hear you laugh, i want to go to you
and every time i feel you cry, i want to kiss your tears
every time i see you watching me, i want to be in your embrace
every time i think of you, i want to feel like i am ready--
i want to feel the warmth that comes from loving you.