Well, this song's meaning is a little more than it may appear. It's about a lot of things, actually, all compiled under one. At a first read through, there seems to be one basic theme, when really, there's two or three. However, even with a few smaller points, the largest one is desolation. The absence of hope and trust, and happiness. It's saying that there's no use in pretending things are as they should be in the world, because there's not a snowball's chance in Hell that's correct.

After that, you'll have to draw your own conclusions.

Forever's Never Long Enough

I gave up the light, the dark is the truth!
I won't try to fight... What will it do?
I see through the black, but it's no relief!
I'm giving them back, the things I believed!
The flame in my mind, still burning strong!
The things we thought right, have become oh so wrong!

A world that we loved, now eating itself!
The gates of above, now fall into Hell!
A fate that conspired, to rip me to shreds!
Our only desires, are trapped in our heads!
This reality, a ruse!
Arms that had warmed us now serve as a noose!

Forever could, never be long enough!
For this to make, any sense!
Heaven can never be real enough!
For you to make, me repent!

Struggle for life, with nothing to prove!
The blood in my eyes... Reflections of you!
Lightning screams down, collide with my heart!
In this second I'm drowned, and then torn apart!
This cancer, of body and mind!
I know salvation exists, but it's so hard to find!

We've destroyed ourselves, and fucked with our fates!
Spend our time splitting cells, and embracing hate!
My dreams of acceptance, now rot in a hole!
This quest for deliverance, has taken it's toll!
The cyclone above now turns!
The light that guides, is starting to burn!

And forever's, never long enough, for you!!!

Never will I see, with eyes that bleed...
Never will I know, with a mind...
That's gone.
Never will I breathe, with lungs that are bursted!!!
Never will I live a life that don't, exist!!

Forever could, never be long enough!
For this to make, any sense!
Heaven will never be real enough!
For me to ever, repent!!!

Flames falling down, and the thunder will scream!
In blood we now drown, and this ain't no dream!
A prayer to things we've lost!!!
I'll keep moving forward, no matter the cost!!!

And forever... Could never, be long enough!
And this don't make! Any sense!!!
Heaven... Will never be close enough!
There's, just too much... For me to repent!
This life's too new, to come to an end...