A Prayer

Dear God,


It seems,

That no one cares,

No one listens,

And that there's no one that loves me,


How could it have resulted to this?

I never thought that it could ever be this way,

Do you think the same way they do?


Every night,

I wish upon that first star I see,

But it doesn't seem to work for me,

Maybe I should stop wishing anymore,

But a little voice inside of me,

Tells me that I'll be alright,


Whispers in my ear to keep on having faith,

Keep on looking for that star,

Just to have something to wish upon,


I know that I,

Don't deserve this,

Probably you have better things to do,

Maybe not even enough time,

To deal with me right now,



Can you answer this one simple prayer?

Can't you grant this one simple prayer?


I know my faith hasn't been strong,

I know that I only call for you,

When I need help,

And I'm sorry,

I promise I'll work on that,


But, could you grant this simple prayer?


This is all I'm asking for,


I'm begging on my knees,

Reaching my shaking hand out to you,

Hoping that you'll catch me when I'm falling,

Wipe away my flowing tears,

Wishing that you'll grant this one simple prayer,


I hope that you would be there,

When I need you most,

Just to make me go on a little bit farther,


And, if you can't,

Can you send me,

…Someone that can?


All I ask is to you,

Is if you can fill this one simple prayer?


I'm at my all-time low,

And it seems that no one will listen,

So, I turn to you,



I reach out to you,

With each step, staggering,


And sadly,

You're the last choice on my list,


I'm really sorry for that,

I'm trying now to make things all better,

Trying to be strong,

Trying to mend my broken self,


That's why I came to you,

Hoping that you'll hold onto me with wide, loving arms,


I know that I don't deserve your love,

I know there are people that are more worthy,

But I just ask you for this one favor---,


Can you fill this one simple prayer?


Please, can you just,

…fill this one simple prayer?


That I'm asking everyday,

Getting down on my knees,

Praying to the ultimate power,

Hoping that you'll help me,


I know that people need you more,

But, all I'm asking for,

Is for you to fill this one simple prayer,


Please, can you fill this one simple prayer?


I don't want to rely on that wishing star anymore,

Please, can you help me out?


And, if you can't,

Can you send someone that can?


Please, can you just fill this one simple prayer?


I love you with all of my heart,

Thank you for everything you've done,

Thank you for the angels watching over me,

Thank you for gifting me with life,

But I really need your help,

I'll wait for you,

As long as it takes,

I'll wait for you to help me,

Because I know it'll be worth the wait,


I just ask this one wish,

Can you just fill this one simple prayer?

I understand if you're too busy,


I just want to be happy again,

Can you help me with that?



This is all I am asking for,

I understand if it seems like too much,


Can you at least just respond?


In Jesus Name, I Pray,