I, Reese Charles, am your almost normal 16 year old girl. I've had good times and bad.

Having your father die in a car accident when you are 14, is not one of those good times. In fact, there has been nothing but bad times lately. A year after my father's death, my mother decided to marry another jackass without my consent.

I keep to myself in my room holding on to the trinket that keeps me feeling.

I never let the heart-shaped necklace my father gave me out of my sight. My father always cheered me up to do my best. This necklace was a reward for a swim meet when I beat my time by 15 seconds. It was the only truly happy time I could remember in my life.

I love to swim! When things get to hard you can always find me at the pool.

As if my father dying and my mother remarrying weren't hard enough, I have to start this year at a new school. Boarding school. Where I was bound to be an awkward social outcast. Kensington Prep is the most spoiled rich school I have ever seen in my life. At least there pool is excellent!

Swimming is the only part of me I wanted to keep, until he walked, well splashed, into my life.