Suprise, Suprise Bryan won the race and made sure that i knew about it. Which was extremely annoying if you ask me. Drew came into a close second. He would have possibily won if he would have timed his breathing better. After Bryan got out of the pool he grabbed a towel and headed in my directions with a stupid smirk on his face.

"Told you I was the best," Bryan said.

"Drew almost beat you, it was a close race," I informed him.

"Almost is the key word their princess, I had the race in the bag."

"It was an amateur race, in a backyard swimming pool."

"Are you denying that I am good?" Bryan said taking a step closer to me.

I was skating around the subject because Bryan was a good swimmer. I just couldn't tell him that to his face. I wouldn't.

"How much crack could you do off of your own ego, because with your attitude it seems like alot." I said.

"Baby, I can tell when your lying, you know I am good." The nerve he had to call me 'baby'.


"Yeah, cause your a horrible liar."

"How can you tell? You don't even know me," I said a little forceful.

"This may be true, because I dont know you, but you have a horrible pocker face," he said.

"Hey," Drew said coming up from behind me.

"Oh, hey! Nice race, you were so close!" I said.

"Thanks. Nice race Bryan." Drew said turning to look at Bryan.

"Thanks man," said Bryan.

As I was looking around the party I could tell that people where starting to leave, so I said my goodbyes to Bryan and Drew. Feeling a little tired myself, I headed into the house to find Claire so she could take me home.

"Claire!" I said as I spotted her around the corner.

"Hey, ready to go?" she said

"Yeah, lets get out of here."

The weekend wasn't very eventful. I unpacked my stuff into my dorm that I was sharing with Claire. She worked at a coffee shop most of the weekend so we didn't have alot of time to hangout. I knew that I had to find a job soon to help out my mom. I called my mom on Saturday and told her that I got settled in and how things were going. She told me that Frank had come home and that he was going to start working on his drinking. By this time I have lost count on the number of times that Frank has told my mother that. I wonder when she will start to realize that he has a problem more than what he can fix on his own.

It's times like these when I think about my father. What life would be like if he would still be here. Would I be sitting here on the edge of my bed looking around my new room, in a school that I wouldn't be going to if Frank where out of the picture. I put my fingers on the little trinket around my neck. The little heart shaped locket hard against my fingers. I pressed against my skin so that it left an indention at the top of my chest.

Frustrated I got up from the bed and grabbed my purse and headed for the door. I closed it shut and walked past the lady in the front lobby. She gave a slight nod in response to my leaving. Since I had no car I had to walk, which wasn't too bad. Claire told me that she would give me a ride whenever I needed one. She also agreed to give me a ride to and from school, which I was very grateful for. But I had to get out of the dorm, being in there all weekend was starting to drag me down and that was the last thing i needed.

My first priority was a job. The only problem was I had no idea what job to look for. I had never worked in my life. My plan is to work to help pay for the house that my mother and ungrateful step-father are living in. Because that ungrateful step-father lost his job and is too drunk to get a new one.

This left me going through my options. Fast food? Definately not, deep frying foods all day and then smelling like it for days, ha! I'll pass. The mall? To many people. Lifeguard? Why not? I love to swim but it was almost the beginning of September and all pools would be close and I dont have enough money to join a gym, so I can't work there.

Just as I was turning the corner, at pet store came into view. Perfect! I have always wanted a pet but my mother said they where to hard to take care of. As I walked in the first thing that grabbed my attention was the huge fish tank at the opening of the store. Fish of all different color, size and shape were swimming in every direction. I walked closer to get a better look at it. After a while, a girl who looked to be a couple of years younger than me came to stand beside me.

"Beatiful aren't they?" she said.

"The fish?" I asked.

"Yeah, they just look so free and full of life. Like nothing can hurt them." she said not taking her attention away from what was infront of her. As I looked into the tank, I could see a school of fish grouped together at one end. They were multi-colored, and swimming in unison with one another. But as I looked closer I could tell that one fish was different than the rest. It was white, pure white with no traces of any other color. It lingered behind, not quite holding the same speed as the others but still part of the group. I wondered why it was trying to fit into a group that it clearly didn't belong too.

"Chelsea, come where going to be late!" said another girl coming to meet her.

"Coming!" She said, finally taking her attention away from the fish to look at her friend. She took one more look at the fish and then she was gone.

Pulling my gaze from the fish tank, I was in search to find someone/anyone who would help me get a job here. I stumbled upon a girl and asked her where the manager was and she lead me to a small office at the back of the store. I gave her my name and she told me to wait.

After a couple of minutes a woman who had short brown hair came in to greet me.

"Reece Charles?" she asked.

"Yes, that's me." I said getting up to shake her hand.

She took my hand and then said, "Hello, my name is Denise Smith, the manager. I was informed that you are interested in working here."

"Yes, I am interested in any position you have for me."

"Great, because we are lacking employees and we could really use your help." She said through her smile. "Now, you will need to do a day of basic training for your first day and then you will mostly understand what you are doing. But if you need assistance your co-workers will be more than happy to help you."

She showed me around the store and asked me basic questions about myself and she asked me to fill out some information once the tour was over.

After filling the papers out Denise congratulated me on getting the job.

"I am pleased that you will be working here Reece, and your first day will be tomorrow. Is that ok?" Denise asked.

"Absolutely, sounds good," I said.

I said my goodbye and headed for the exit. On my way out I took one last glance at the fish tank. I still could see the group of fish with the one lingering white fish following their trail, pushing as hard as it could to keep up with the others.

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