some things just can't be fixed.
the scars that they carved won't ever fade
and i fear i'll lose myself again in the dusky grey of this.
i feel it's all too easy to lose my footing in a world so slippery.

you're no different.
do i lose you a bit more each day,
as the murky steel-blue tides recede?

i am crushed, caved in.
as your lips curve in words
meant for the darkness taking over me.

each time they speak, it swells,
the tension swells, not unlike the ocean provoked into wrath.
words shaped with spite into things like 'worthless'
and 'i hate you' and
it's effortless to let go, just fall
right back into the pattern of war-love-hate-tragedy.

verbal weapons and it's so simple to hurt and be hurt.
the survival methods of living in this cesspool,
this abyss full of such hatred.
such contempt.