these kinds of things we only have one shot at
so let me explain before you start to judge.

you see i just want you to know
that i don't tell you everything
in fact, i don't tell you much at all.
not about what i think, what i feel.
i'm afraid.

the thoughts that run through my head,
200 miles/hour
are just as reckless
as you and me.
because they are us, love.

all your dreams you chase
there's a reason they're called 'dreams'
so maybe it's foolish that i won't give up on you.

but as i go on,
with every thought i write down, converted to word,
it becomes a bit more careless, a bit more messy.
a bit more misunderstood.
but in essence, isn't that all i am?

so before i let you into my mind,
before i let you feel the patterns of my soul, laid bare to ruin or respect,
i just want you to know.
that when you're listening to me, i am but a fragment of you.

(and when you look deep inside yourself for answers…)
you are listening to
what you wanted to hear all along.