Reality, it's that swirling black hole in
the corner of my eye, and i feel it
all around me but i never can quite see it.
Insanity, it's that growing pulsing urge in
the back of my mind, and i want it
so much but they tell me i can't have it.

And i sit here on the fence in
the twilight zone past the point of no
return, and commit my life to figuring out
how to fake a smile, how to fake a tear.

I don't know whether the mirror
is the liar or the only one telling the truth.
Time rolls by like a runaway truck, shall i just
follow it off the cliff.

Normality, it's that condition that most everyone
has, but we never do. Everyone's a freak
when you look close enough, but some of us
are weirder than others, like the people i envy who laugh
to themselves at the walls of the asylum.

And we call them
crazy, but perhaps they're really
the only ones who understand that life is all
just one big joke. A big, cruel, twisted joke
and no one gets out of here alive.