Cool breeze from ages past
You have returned here at last
It's been so long

My world seems so stale now
Old ways rotting all around me
Dark, wretched mold has spread here
As I inhale you now,
It reaches for me

Dark hands stained black long ago
Jagged, tearing nails that sting
They grasp at my flesh, to pull me back
Corroded blood seeps from wounds long since turned black

It's been so long
I remember the old ways
I remember the rusted days
It's like looking out over a city,
A place once called home,
From a far away ledge
Isolation the cloak keeping the pain at bay
All that remains in the monuments of concrete and steel are ghosts,
Whispers recalling former glories,
And the soft, sobbing echoes of dreams

And yet you filter through
Calling through the air
Like a cold, fresh stream of thought
Bubbling down into my heart, you linger
A silence that soothes
A whisper that mends
A breathe of life so long unknown

How many ages of my heart have past
Since I looked up at the stars and felt their light?
It's been so long

How many eons have come and gone within my mind
Since I last felt the warm fingers of the sun?
It's been so long

It seems like all I can remember anymore is sorrow
Pain the ink that I use to write my memories
Down upon the blood red pages of my heart
A world acid-etched with darkness and dipped grief
Pressed down firmly, burning after-images of tragedy
Deep into what's left of my soul

And yet you are still here old friend
I had forgotten what your voice sounded like
Is it melancholy or the sweet release of a fading world,
That I hear in your soft song?

Why haven't you left yet?
Have you come to take me with you this time,
So that I can see this crumbling city finally ebb away?
Or are you just here to remind me
That there is still much left to be done

And miles left to go before I sleep.

It's been so long since I've breathed clearly
It's been so long since I opened the windows
And let beauty in

It's been so long
Since my soul's had breathing room enough to sigh.