Again. Again I'm fucking walking. It's through this little town though. The sign out front said, "HARBORVILLE" or some shit. I don't see any harbor or even a puddle to put it in. The houses are all homely looking and dull. The pavement is all cracked and old looking under my feet. I sit down on a bench next to a kid tying his shoes. He looks about my age, but he reminds me of my brother. His sandy fucking blonde hair frames his perfect freckled face. Some of his hair falls into his eyes and he flicks it away with a small twitch. I imitate him. What a pretty boy. What a fucking pretty boy my brother was. He always had another girl in his God damn car. All he ever had to do was look at them and they would fucking laugh those bogus laughs girls have. He wasn't anything special. My dad just liked him because he could play football as good as any pro. And the girls just liked his fucking freckles and sandy blonde hair.

"You need some money or what?" The kid looks at me with a sneer.

I raise my eyebrows all sophisticated and shit, "No, thank you my good man." I stand and the kid moves to the next shoe mumbling to himself about how shit stupid I am. I stroll off down the street.

I walk by a fenced football field. The heavily padded kids running around the field look like fucking marshmallows. I laugh to myself.

It starts to thunder. I look up and the sky gets darker. Heavy clouds come in and the wind picks up even more. Those little bumps, goose bumps, start crawling all over my arms. Fuck the rain. I start to walk through the field to get to the high school on the other side. The marshmallows stumble around me, cursing and shouting when I get in their way. The grass feels like the pavement, old and cracked. I can just hear it screaming at me under my sneakers, "I'm dying! I'm dying!"

I stop and look at it. Its shards of yellow blades stick up out of the ground like spikes. I snap one in half and all of them scream in unison, "AHHHHHHHHH!"

I snicker and snap three, all in a row. The agony beneath my feet continues. I throw my head back, unable to control my laughter. The thunder pounds my ears again and I'm suddenly sullen.

I keep walking until I reach the large doors that open into a long, straight, echoic hallway. My feet screech and squelch on the linoleum floor. I can hear the faint tapping of rain on the roof. I smile to myself. I'm a fucking genius. I stroll by a glass case. It's filled with all those trophies and shit the school teams win. There's a picture of the marshmallow kids all standing in little rows. They smile, their heads poking out of the ton of padding surrounding their shoulders. I scowl back. Next to it is a picture of the cheer team. I scan the rows looking for any girl worthy of my gaze. I get to the last row and someone catches my eye. Her blonde hair frames her perfect face. Her nose is small and elegant. I squint and press my face against the glass. Her gray eyes watch me. She's so pretty.

Oh my God.

It's her.

I stumble back, smacking my head against the wall behind me. Fuck. No. I step toward the case again, warily. My heart is pounding like hell. Her smile is wicked, her eyes are ominous. What the hell was going on? She's dead. She doesn't know anything. No one knows anything. It was an accident. A fucking accident. I didn't kill her. I didn't kill her. She smiles.

I killed her.

I scream and kick the glass, shattering the case. I stagger as shards break open my skin. I take the picture out and crush it between my hands. I drop to my knees, still howling. I open the picture. She's still smiling. I start to tear it down the middle, but hesitate. I hear whistling.

I slam my hands over my ears, dropping the picture and crawling into a corner. My lips tremble and I start to whisper to myself. The whistling gets louder. My whispers sound harsher.

"Accident… accident… f-fucking… accident…" The thunder rumbles and I jump, screeching and writhing on the floor. Glass sinks into the skin on my arms and I feel the blood drip off of my elbow. The room starts to go black. I slip further, letting it wash over me. My head cracks against the floor and I am void.

"Mind giving me a ride?" She asks impatiently. I gawk at her. Her slim figure and open luscious mouth. My brother stands behind her and winks at me.

"Uh… uh… yuh huh. Yeah sure." I try to sound casual, but I fail, as always.

I fumble with my keys as we walk towards my black Camaro.

"So, what's your name?" I ask, desperate to make conversation. She sighs heavily and starts to put on a bright red lipstick.

"Bethany." She says curtly. She sees the car and a smile starts to appear on her powdered face.

"I didn't know you drove a Camaro." Her finger traces the sleek hood delicately.

"Yeah, haha. It's pretty fast too." I open the door for her. Oh my God, we were talking. Holy fuck I'm having a conversation with a cheerleader.

"How fast?" She breathes as I pull myself inside and switch on the ignition. I look at her, she smiles at me softly. Oh my God, she's so pretty.

"You really wanna know?" I grin.

She moves closer to me and grips my thigh. Her lips brush past my ear, "Show me."

I rev the engine and peel out of the parking lot. She screams excitedly as we hit the highway. I push the pedal down to the floor, pushing 90. The road is dark and giant trees loom over us. Pushing 100…

"Ok, slow down." She laughs.

I laugh and press harder. 105…

"Seriously, slow down."

I look over and smile at her. I pull my foot off of the gas. The car doesn't slow.

"Ok, what the fuck do you think you're doing?" She sounds irritated.

I look down at my feet. The pedal is up, but the car won't slow. I push down on it again, the car speeds up. I take my foot off. I start to panic. I slam on the breaks and she screams as we skid off the road. I crank the wheel back. I can't control the car. I glance over at her. She's pale. Her eyes are wide like a deer caught in the headlights. One hand grips the dashboard and the other clutches at the door handle.

"SLOW DOWN!" She shrieks and I pull on the emergency break. The car flips and rolls off the road into the trees. My head hits the ceiling and jars my teeth. The windshield shatters and glass sparkles past my eyes. My body is suspended then brought back to the steering wheel. I feel my ribs snap.

It stops.

I wake up lying on the hallway floor. A pair of boots stands next to my head. I sit up and I'm shoved back down again. I blink. A hand grabs the collar of my shirt and lifts me up, then thrusts me against a wall. My eyes adjust and I soon identify my assailant.


"I told you." He snarled.

"Told me what?" I slur my words. His eyes are black.

"You can't run, you little chicken shit."

I giggle. He drops me and my legs buckle under my own weight. I hear a gun being loaded. I wait.

I feel the barrel against my temple as he props me up against the wall. He starts to whistle.

"Do you fucking mind?" I ask, annoyed.

He looks at me and chuckles before I taste darkness.