Inside a black velvet heart-shaped box
Lies the elixir of lust, potion of heaven
Inside my cherry wooden drawer
Sleeps the secret of my fantasies.

I have my dream-scented fragrance
for the world to see
Hoping you would see enough to finally believe
Oh yes, my dear the words the Fates speak
are true
Your desires, your dreams no longer belong to you

In a puff of liquid love
I can make your mind twist and turn
With the dials of the ticking clock of mine
I spray myself with your dreams
I am drenched in you—my voodoo doll—
My lover true.

I hold my dream-scented fragrance for you to see
What little power your will has over me!
No, I care not for your thoughts; you can never be free
I have scattered the ashes of your dreams
across the sea
With my dream-scented fragrance, you belong to me.