The last bit of sunlight strained to reach across the hilltops of the long abandoned resting place, known formally as the Seven Bridges of Ridgeway Cemetery. The burial grounds were decorated heavily with an assortment of overgrown weeds and wild bushes. This place could have been frightening in the darkened hours, if not for a sanctuary provided by a single lamp post decorating the roadside on the far end of the cemetery.

A fairly tall young man sat comforatably against the post, a pale ring of light surrounding him. His eyes strained to pierce through the darkness, hazel irises flickering about the forgotten palace.

He snuck a glance at his wrist, the watch illuminated by the light overhead. It beeped at him softly. She was supposed to be here by now. He sighed heavily as his gaze drifted off into the darkness. A small halo left in the sky dissapeared.

He searched through the darkness only a few moments longer before his pupils focused on her. A young woman, possibly a few years younger than himself, walked carefully along the overpass beside the cemetery. She, too, glanced anxiously across the dark hills.

He chuckled dimly at the sight. She was clutching her oversized handbag to herself as if it could save her life.

She became so focused on the dark hills before her that she did not notice the sudden change in elevation of the cement, realizing that she should have been more careful. She let out a shriek of alarm as she fell.

The young man rose suddenly when he spotted the incident. He then proceeded to sprint across the darkened hills, stumbling over gravestones as he went. The girl was cradling her left hand, injured from the large pieces of gravel strewn across the pathway.

"Violet?" he released in a breathy whisper, slowing his steps as he confronted her. She made a motion to back away, but added to her own embarrassment by falling on her rear end.

He reached out to examine the cradled hand, but met only with a forceful shove. He bent down and placed his hands on his knees to look at her. She sniffled softly as she attempted to rise, but slid down again at the sudden jolt of pain in her foot.

"You are Violet, right?" he asked, still peeking at her from beneath his thick brow. At this, she hiccuped and placed her good hand against the rock wall to her right and transferred weight to her uninjured foot, attempting to rise again. He stood up as she did so.

"I . . .I should go," she said softly, turning away from him.

"Violet, please!" the young man objected, grasping her shoulder and turning her to face him.

"I . . .I . . .I've embarrassed myself enough for one day," she replied to his actions, stumbling over her words.

"I have waited long enough to see you, just to meet you, and you turn away from me so easily?" he asked in disbelief as she began to limp away. She stopped again, turning to glance back at him.

In one quick movement, she had her arms around his neck, her head against his chest, and was falling limply into his arms.