Chapter Seven

A Step Forward: Back in the Office: Daddy Won't Hurt You

Violet breathed in deeply and began writing with her right hand. Her breathing was jagged. Violet knew what was coming.

Violet worked out a sheet of math work as fast as she possibly could. She felt his large hand on her knee as she checked over her work.

"I'll be back shortly, my Violet," he said in a low voice. Violet checked over her work again as he left the room.

She knew exactly what her father was doing. He was going to down half a bottle of whiskey before coming back. She could smell the liquor on his breath already.

Violet began crying, knowing exactly what was going to come next. The door creaked open slowly and her father sat down next to her to place his hand on her knee again. He tore another sheet out of the math workbook and watched his daughter intently.

Violet tried to hold it back and quickly do her work. He rubbed her knee softly, and she heard him as he unzipped his white slacks. At this, she lost all control. She curled up on the chair, violently sobbing.

"Daddy will take care of you, Violet. There is no need to cry," he said as he rubbed his knee and ran his fingers across the front of his pants. He moved closer. Violet could smell the whiskey on his breath. His breathing was heavy. He rubbed her ankle. then her calf, up to her arms that were clutching her knees to her chest. He pulled her arms away and stared at her as she sobbed in the chair.

"Perhaps we should try something else tonight," he said in her ear. She pulled away, eyes wide. "No? I guess we'll save that for another night then." He stood up and his pants dropped around his ankles. "On the floor, Violet."

Violet shook her head. She would not be obedient for this. She could handle the meticulous cleaning and not being able to leave the house. But this, this was too much. No seventeen year old girl should ever have to go through this.

She put her foot forward as he tried to tug her out of the chair. She let out a yelp as he threw her onto the floor. He dug his nails into her shoulder as he pulled her face towards the waistband of his underwear.

Violets eye closed tightly shut as she tried to push herself away by straightening her arms on his legs.

"Be a good girl, Violet," he said, gripping her shoulder tightly. He pushed his thumb into the sensitive area near her collarbone and her arms withdrew from the pain. Bruises and crescent nail marks began to appear on her shoulder.

"You've done this before. Daddy won't hurt you if you do as you're told," he said to her. He grabbed one of her tiny wrists and pulled it so her hand slid across his waistband. She tried to pull away, but he held her wrist tightly.

"No," Violet whispered quietly.

He threw her to the ground again. "What did you say to me?" He towered over her tiny figure. She began crawling back in the corner. "What did you say?" he repeated.

"No," she said, curling up in the corner, "No, no, no, no, no." She had her knees to her chest and her head buried in her arms. "No, no no no no."

"What the fuck did you say?" he spat at her, standing over her.

"I said no!" she screamed at him, looking angrily up at the man who was about to assault her. He kicked her hard, sending her to collide with the wall behind her. She let out a painful scream.

"Don't you ever disrespect your father!" he yelled at her. He continued to kick her frail form on the floor.

It hurt. She was willing to admit that, but it was better than doing nothing, better than letting him violate her again. She let out a cry of pain each time, grateful at least for that.

But that wasn't the end. Her father's slacks had been left by the desk, his underpants now around his ankles, and his hand pumping away above his daughter's battered, bleeding, bruised, and trembling body.

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