There is something with a touch of euphoria

In that yawn of morning

Lasting as long as the catch in your throat.

The brush of a taste of a second

Which licks your insides clean,

Leaves nothing but that wicked gleam,

Leaves you forgetting to wonder what it means,

Leaves you reeling.

There is something with a whisper of euphoria

In the sway of light that twists the shadows,

Cutting us into a fluid shape.

I am yours (and you are mine) to break.

We're smiling and we're barely awake.

All limbs and no minds

We have nothing left to find

In art or music or those fruitless unravelling threads of conversation.

There is nothing more that you could give me

Than this tearing of my seams,

This ripping open of all lines.

We fall back and watch the boundaries unwind.

We are the indescribable defined.

We are sordid truths dragged from the fake.

I am yours and my smiles are yours to take

I am yours yours yours

(yours to break).