Imagine being forced into a marriage? Crazy thought isn't it? Well guess what? I am. But it's not by my parents, or relatives. It's by my friend who is a nut. Yep. A friend.. You see, I am set against it. I don't think anyone would marry me and I don't care. But she is mad, a crazy psycho. But I guess she is trying to do it for me. I have no idea how she convinced my parents or convinced the guy for that matter. Even though I am hating, despising this idea I still wonder what kind of guy he is…. Crap, I'm letting her get to me. Dang nabbit. I have been single for the main part of my life and I wish to remain so. I want to live life by my will not some idiotic man thinking he has higher power than I just because he is a so called male. Heck! Lame and male are spelled with the same letter. So therefore males are lame-0!

Now onto my story… Or the story my friend likes to perceive it as. Damn her to oblivion.

Okay guys this is a brand new story that I've had in my mind for ages. Yes. I know. I have what, five going already? Four? Well this one was semi-started over the summer when my friend gave me the idea. It was hilarious. The title comes from the song Stealing Cinderella by Chuck Wicks. But it's not exactly in the same texts as the song. You will later realize while it is called Stealing Cinderella... Well maybe. I am pretty excited about this story because it's another arranged marriage story but it's not in the same context as most arranged marriages. So i hope you like it. I will be updating the next chapter in a few hours. I'm typing away at it right now.

Originally it was going to be called Boys Don't Fall For Girls Like Me but that was too long and this title fits better. Enjoy.








With a cherrie on top??????