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I stood still in his arms frozen with shock. Did he just say that the dude sitting on his ass courtesy of my kick was his friend? And not only that, but his accepted nickname was bonehead? Uh, oops?

"…You're serious?" I nearly whispered feeling the blush of embarrassment that was soon becoming a permanent part of my features creeping up again.

"Yeah! I wouldn't lie to you!"


"Yeah, fuck's right," he whispered worriedly.

But of course, two seconds later, the principle shows up and gapes at me too.

"Mr. Marquis! What on earth did you do?!"

He looked absolutely horrified. Huh, I guess that people at this school have never seen a fight before. Well, to be honest, it wasn't much of a fight, just me kicking someone.

"Er, I kicked him?"

"Get into my office right now, young man!"

"Yes, sir," I mumbled miserably.

Really, I wasn't trying to get suspended on the first day of school! I've been working hard not to, but it looks like it was going to happen anyway. Issac let go of me and I slumped my shoulders and looked at the floor. Great, everyone was going to be disappointed that I got suspended so early.

I noticed that the blond guy was standing up already and I had to give him props. He still looked a bit stunned, but unlike my other victims, he didn't really look like it affected him much. Of the three people I've kicked like that in my life, he was the first to stand up so soon.

"Mr. Avery, come, I'll take you to the nurse's office."

The blond nodded and followed us while the halls echoed with murmurs. I glanced at Issac who just looked back at me helplessly. He scratched the back of his head and lipped a "good luck" to me. I nodded back before turning my attention to the back of the principle as he led us to the office.

"That was an excellent kick."

I jerked my head up to look at the taller boy next to me. His hazel eyes looked down at me without a trace of contempt or anger.

"Thank you?" I replied awkwardly. Who in their right mind would compliment the guy who hurt him? "Uh, and sorry about that. It was a misunderstanding."

The guy smiled widely at me which only served to make me even more confused. Why the hell would he seem almost happy that I attacked him? There really were some weird people at private school…

"My name's Dangelo Avery, but you can just call me Danny."

He outstretched his hand for a handshake and I took it. I still didn't get him at all, but if he wasn't mad about it, then so much the better! I wasn't going to get sued by his family!

"My name's Caden, and again, sorry about that kick. I just thought that you were insulting Issac."

"It's good to know that he's got another friend," he said sincerely, "especially one willing to quite openly defend him."

I paused and looked at him carefully.

"Why would you give him such a rude nickname," I asked serious. Was this guy one of those guys who just used their "friends"? I wasn't going to stand for any of that.

He laughed at my glare and patted my shoulder.

"You'll have to ask him about that, but I am his friend. I don't use people, if that's what you're worried about."

Was this guy psychic? Seriously, what the fuck?!


The principle's voice cut into my thoughts and we both turned to face a confused looking man.

"Principle Gerard, would it be possible for you to let this slide?" Danny asked with a smile.

My mouth dropped open and it looked like I wasn't the only one shocked.

"B-but he kicked you!"

Danny shrugged. "I'm fine, and it was just a misunderstanding." The principle still didn't look convinced, so Danny continued. "Please? Besides, he's a new kid and I bet that some slack right now would do him some good."

"Oh, all right," he conceded finally. He turned to face me seriously and I forced myself not to wince. "Mr. Marquis, I'm letting you off the hook this time, but it's only because Mr. Avery insisted. Keep out of trouble, or I won't be so considerate next time."

"Yes, sir," I promised. I had no intention of getting into any more trouble.

"Now, escort Mr. Avery to the nurse's office just to check up on that injury, and you both may go back to class."

"Yes, sir," we both agreed.

With that, the principle left us alone and we walked over to the nurse's office. I couldn't understand why the principle of our school would listen to this student. Was this kid someone really important? Holy crap, what if I just kicked the governor's son or someone that important?! My panic must have showed up on my face because Danny started laughing.

"Hey, calm down, what are you so worked up for?"

"J-just that I couldn't figure out why the principle would listen to you, not that he doesn't listen to students, but after all he wouldn't listen to just any students, so maybe you're someone important and if I pissed you off I could be living on the streets…"

"Whoa, calm down!" He laughed even harder at my rambling. I tend to do that when I'm nervous, and now he's noticed it which is even more humiliating! "I'm not going to send you to live on the streets or anything! So no worries, ok?"


Man, I really need to loosen up a bit.

"He only listened to me because I have a perfect record, and I give this school a good name. If I wasn't happy, I might not keep up the score."

"Eh, really?"


Wow, I was talking to a class A genius here, I realized. Not only was this guy insanely smart, but he wasn't a snob! I was definitely learning things in school today! And maybe I was making a brand new friend.

"Can I ask you a question?" he asked right outside the nurse's office.

"Sure," I shrugged.

"Do you mind if I kiss you?"

"Sur-eh, what the heck?!"

My mind took a vacation for about twenty seconds. Where the hell did a question like that come from?! It was so totally random!


"Wha?! Wai-"

My protest was cut off by his lips pressing on mine. It was soft skin making intimate contact with my virgin lips, and shocking me to the core.

Never in my life have I thought about my sexual orientation or anything like that. You would think that my living with cross dessers right above a gay bar would make me a flaming homosexual, however that was not the case. On the contrary, I had close to zero sexual interests. I knew that it was strange considering that I was a healthy teenage boy, but I never worried about that and just considered myself to be a late bloomer. But now that I was being kissed by a guy and overwhelmed by the feelings, maybe being gay wasn't such a bad idea.

At first, the only thing I felt when Danny kissed me was shock. Who wouldn't be surprised if a "psychic" stranger started tangling tongues with you?! Ok, so we weren't quite tangling tongues, but the fact remains that we were kissing. In the middle of a hallway. Near the front office.

Alarms went off in my head and I tried to shove him away, but he bit on my lower lip roughly making me cry out in pain and surprise. Taking advantage, Danny slid his tongue into my mouth to stroke my tongue as well as the rest of my mouth.

My legs gave out and my body shuddered as his tongue stroked my strangely sensitive palate, and I ended up clutching his shirt for support instead of trying to push away. Our weight shifted and my back hit the wall. Vaguely, I realized that I was sliding down towards the floor. Before I knew it, I was sitting on the floor gasping for breath, inches away from his shiny kiss swollen lips.

"Let's be friends, ok, Caden?" he whispered against my lips.

I sat there dumbstruck as he stroked my cheek before standing up and going into the nurse's office. I sat there for a few minutes catching my breath. That was my first official kiss and it took me a bit to realize that I enjoyed it. At least, that's what the erection I was sporting suggested.

I stood up stiffly and made my way to the nearest bathroom, praying that I wouldn't run into anyone. After taking some deep breaths and splashing my face with water, I was able to calm my body down.

Although it was obvious that I very much enjoyed the kiss, I could not figure out Danny's reason for it. If he just wanted to be friends like he stated, there was no reason to kiss me. Furthermore, the chances of him wanting to be more than friends with me was slim because he didn't even know me. That and he said that he wanted to be friends.

I shook my head and decided to get to class before I got into anymore trouble. I could over-analyze this later, when I'm at home. Right now, I had another shitty class to attend.

Lunch time

I didn't have much time to talk to Issac after I finally showed up for classes. I was buried underneath thousands of vocabulary, terms, and dates, on top of all of the papers that were due in the near future. I began to seriously think that coming to this school was a major mistake. It was going to drive me crazy!

At least the cafeteria had some decent food to make up for the hell they put us students through in the morning. I sat outside in the sun with Issac right next to me on a grassy slope behind the school building. Beyond the slope were the football field and the track around it. All in all, it was a pretty nice view and with such warm weather, I felt myself calming down and almost relaxing.

"So, you're not really liking the classes here are you?" Issac asked knowingly.

"Nope. I hate all of them." I felt like being brutally honest today.

"Hehehe, I could tell."

"Well I can't imagine that you enjoy any of them," I retorted as I bit into my roast beef sandwich.

"It's all worth it."

I tilted my head curiously at him, but he stuffed his mouth with his own sandwich so I just let it go. I did wonder what could be worth all of this? For me, the smiles on my family's face as well as their pride in me was the only thing pushing me to go through this torture. What was it like for him?

"Wait a minute, I just remembered something. Why the heck is your nickname 'bonehead'?"

"Oh that!" he said sitting up. "Well, me and Danny played sports in middle school."


"Let me finish," he scolded half-heartedly. "Well, in one of our Lacrosse games, this guy was being overly aggressive and when I got a ball passed to me, he swung his stick thing to get the ball. I had stepped forward to receive the pass, so his stick hit me right in the head."

I winced just thinking about that. It was like having someone swing a baseball bat and hitting your head. Yeah, very painful.

"It knocked me down, but it didn't hurt too bad, so I just got up and kept playing. That player got in trouble for it and my team was freaked out that I was still up. They ended up taking me to the hospital because they were afraid that I was hurt so badly that I couldn't feel the pain."

"Were you?"

"Nah, I only ended up with a little headache and a really minor concussion. Everyone was so relieved yet confused. Danny thought that I had to have a really thick skull in order to walk after a hit like that, so he ended up giving me my nickname, bonehead. It was the first nickname I ever got, so I was glad to have it. He just stuck with calling me that ever since."

I chewed on the last bit of my sandwich thoughtfully. That was a valid reason for such a nickname, and I could tell that Issac liked Danny so I decided that they really were friends. It made me happy to know that he wasn't completely alone all these years.

"One more question," I asked innocently.


"What in the world is a 'stick thing'?"

He punched me in the arm lightly and I couldn't help but laugh at him. It was good to know that we could joke around like this and he wouldn't get his feelings hurt. Sadly, one his hands barely poked my rib and I squealed like a little girl. He paused only for a second before a devilish grin that didn't belong on his angelic face spread across his lips and his hands attacked my ticklish sides. It took him less than a minute to have me screaming for mercy as I laughed uncontrollably.

His rich laughter ran in my ears as he exploited my weakness and I made a mental note to get revenge later. Right now I had to focus on getting away from those wicked hands. It was easier said than done, but I finally managed to kick him back for a moment. I turned to run away as he smirked again, and that's where I made a mistake. I ran without looking in the direction of that stupid slope.

I noticed Issac's smirk turn to a look of horror and when I looked to where I was going it was too late. I felt his hand grab my arm as I tumbled forward, but I only ended up dragging us both down the grassy slope. Elbows connected with faces and knees kicked inappropriate places before we rolled to a halt at the foot of the slope.

Once the world quit spinning around me I couldn't help but laugh at the both of us. I was sprawled across Issac with my butt sticking up in the air, and was under me with grass sticking out of his hair every which way. A few seconds later, Issac's laughter echoed with mine across the empty field.

A few minutes later, we were both clutching our sides finally untangled from one another when we heard a voice from above us.

"What the heck are you two doing?"

I wiped some of the tears from my eyes and looked up to see Danny standing on the top of that little hill. He walked down the slope easily making me and Issac laugh even harder. We sure were dumb for falling down like we did, and he almost seemed to be proving that by walking down it like nothing. He only raised his eyebrow in response to our idiotic laughter, but soon Issac was able to speak a little.

"We…fell…" he burst out laughing all over again making me laugh even harder. Sometimes I wish I had a little more self control, but then again, life wouldn't be quite so fun!

"You guys are so weird," he stated seriously as I gasped for air and Issac wiped a few tears from his own eyes.

"Yeah," I choked out, "and proud of it!"

"Fair enough," he smiled patting our shoulders as we finally got a hold of ourselves. "Now that you guys can breathe again, are either of you going to joint sports teams this year?"

"Sorry," Issac sighed as he laid out on the warm grass, "but I can't this year."

"Why?" I blurted out.

"Uh, well, I've got…"

"He does other things after school," Danny interrupted. "How about you, Caden?"

"No, I don't think so. I really suck at sports and I've never played on teams before, so I'd rather keep my dainty little fingers in perfect shape."

I wiggled my slender fingers in front of both of them. Those were a pianist's fingers I'll have you know. If I broke my fingers in a sport, I might lose my scholarships and that would be the end of my attendance at this school.

"Well that sucks," Danny pouted. "I was looking forward to creaming you in soccer."

"In your dreams," I snorted. I had no intention of being creamed by anyone, anywhere.

"Then I will," he chuckled.

There was a strange tone to his voice that made me shiver a bit and wonder what exactly he was thinking of. Scratch that, I didn't want to know! I noticed that Issac leaned on his arm and looked at the both of us kind of funny. Wait, did he know that we kissed?! No, there was no way that anyone knew that we kissed, because they were all being good students and were studying hard in their classes. But still! What if someonedid see us?! I had to get his attention off of us! It was driving me crazy!

"Issac, your tie is crooked!" I all but shouted before tackling him to fix it.

He fell back in surprise and watched as I undid the knot and redid it the right way.

"Sorry, my mom didn't have time to do it for me," he mumbled as he watched my fingers work.

"It's not a big deal. You had it right, just backwards. Dude, it's probably harder to do it backwards…"

He shrugged and I finished it quickly. I was once again calm since he wasn't looking at me and Danny that way anymore. What exactly was "that way" I wondered. He was just staring at us, but it still made my skin crawl. I decided not to worry about it, and I focused my attention on getting all of the grass out of his curly hair.

It felt like running my hands through silk, and each curl would bounce back to its form when I pulled the grass from it. It was absolutely gorgeous and well taken care of. Things like this mattered to me, like, it drives me crazy when I see a chick with her make-up on wrong or if I see a strand of hair out of place. Once again, probably not normal for a boy, but I never claimed to be anywhere near normal.

It was so calming to stroke that curly hair and just toast with these guys in the sun. I could smell the grass, the rubber from the practice track, and just the general smell of summer and it made me feel better about this place. When I wasn't in class, I actually enjoyed it here.

"We need to head to class," Danny whispered in my ear making me jump up and scare Issac. I hadn't even noticed that he fell asleep.

"O-okay," I replied rubbing at my ear.

"I don't wanna," whined Issac as he rolled in the grass for a bit getting more of it in his hair and all over his clothes.

"I just cleaned you up," I stated when he stopped.

"Oh, sorry."

I laughed at him and ran up the hill to get my stuff so I could head to class. Danny caught up with me first, but Issac wasn't too far behind him so I didn't feel uncomfortable.

"Sweet, we only have one more class before we go into our music class!" Issac cheered.

"Yeah, but it happens to be PE," I groaned. Did I already mention that I didn't like sports?

"Yes, PE," Danny sighed. "Boys in shorts, running around shirtless with sweat dripping down their chests."

I looked at him in shock and Issac laughed at me.

"Only Danny's closest friends know that he's bi," he clarified.

"Yep," Danny agreed winking at me. "Alas, because I'm in sports, I can't take PE."


"Really? What do you take instead?"

"I have an arts class, and then I'm free for the day which just translates to my practice time."

Good, then I wouldn't have to see him anymore today. It's not that I'm scared of him or anything, but I need some time to step back and figure things out. At least I was going to have Issac with me.

"See you later," Danny said as we parted ways.

"Bye!" Issac and I said at the same time.

Now I was going to have to face the hellish abomination known as PE. Man, life can suck sometimes…

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