I'm looking for a crack in the armor

Surrounding your heart

Noble knight

You smile and wave at the crowds

But I see it in your eyes

Taste it in the air

Smell it on the wind

You're hurting

But no one can ever know

Hide behind your armor

Noble knight

But I hear it in your laugh

Feel it in your whisper

Watch it from the background

You're hiding

Grand hero

You're aching behind your shield

Afraid the crowds won't love you

If they see the bruises and scars

But noble knight

I see it in your eyes

Taste it in the air

Feel it in your whisper

I've found the cracks in the armor

Beneath the veneer you're bloody

You smile over the pain

And cling to the fa├žade for support

The crowds throw flowers

Ladies brush their lips across your dented gauntlet

I watch in the background

Smelling your pain on the wind

You catch my eye

In agony you become real

The cracks make you human

Grand hero

Noble knight

And then I realize how truly great you are

You are no longer an ideal

But something tangible

No longer an aspiration

But a reality

I step out of the shadows

As you abandon the crowd

Your armor is dented and torn

Noble knight

You're hurting

But you're so beautiful.

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