i was showed a film of my life.

the film started when i was really young.
my head was hardly off the ground,
my face made no coherent sounds.

it didn't show my face, though.
or my figure, or my clothes
or any other people that i lived among.

just my silhouette and His.

as the film went on we got closer
my silhouette grew larger
but eventually it stopped growing taller
but never stopped getting closer to Him.

(eventually, we were together hand in hand.)

he was still towering over me
but i was no longer afraid to face Him.

He loved me and i loved Him.

in front of us, the sunset was red
between clouds of soft colors
everything was still but us.

walking together toward the sun
side by side,
hand in hand.

no cadence, no music, no hushed whispers
just the sound of our steps.

(sound could never describe the passion we have.)