my dear, my dear
i'm standing here
a lonely soul
but, without a care
for you're my love
and you're coming soon
our arms will touch
our minds, be in tune

this graceful night
is at our feet
the air blows soft
and i do not speak
you kiss my lips
my spirit lifts
you breathe new life
warm, into me

a wind, strong wind
gusts through my hair
as your fingers move
i stay, standing there
your eyes so bright
a true force, tonight
knocks me off my feet, and i

cry, i cry. i cannot stop
id fallen hard
now i'm at the top
here forever, you're mine. beware
be jealous fiends
for i have no fear
i have a love, a lust, a friend
our crazy souls, they have no end

forever, forever, we shall be
standing astute, beneath this tree
this tree of moss, a green-ey blue
it knows silence and strength, but it has no clue
but now you know, that yes, i do

i do, i do
i'll marry you
and spend eternity here with you
our hands stay locked
this passion twists
but never breaks
this one true kiss
so place this ring upon my hand
and never leave, for this will never end

i love (yes love) you true, i do
and shall forever stay
entombed with you.