The night air is dark and sweet

The grass is cool beneath my feet

I walk this well-worn path

The trees shield me from moonlit wrath


I come to a large, black clearing

The clouds shift, the moon appearing

I stop and breathe the cool, sweet air

Then approach the creature's lair.


In the shadow the creature stirs

In my fear reason blurs

Notch an arrow, draw my bow

Wound the beast beneath a moonlit glow.


A roar of fury, the beast bursts forth

An arrow sticks from its bloody corpse

Moon be my witness, stars fall like tears

Trapped in night as death ever nears.


The creature pauses and stars ahead

I am spared with naught but dread

The creature turns, retreats silently

But still I know it will come for me.


The night air is dark and sweet

The grass is ice beneath my feet

I run this well-worn path

Ever followed by silent wrath.


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