I want to hurt you

As much as I possibly can

I want to tear your heart in two

With my ice cold hands


I want to tell you I never cared

And stomp your confidence into the ground

I want you to feel alone and scared

I want to kill you with just a sound.


I want you to beg for mercy

The way I used to beg you

I want you to writhe with hate and cursing

I want you to feel what I've gone through.


I want to abandon you in blood

And ignore your feeble cries

I want you to know you belong in mud

How does it feel when a part of you dies?


I want to give back all you've given me

And laugh when you ask why

This is the monster you created, see?

I'll be Dr. Jekyll when my eyes are dry.


Very angry poem, yes? I like it. Drop me a review if you have any thoughts.