a/n: Hey everyone ive been tryin 2 write different kinds of poems cuz my English teacher sed itd help my writing! so here are some haikus!! Let me no what u think!

Julie Andrews pukes
Up lizards into buckits
Because she is Welsh.

I behold your deth.
The minotaur eats your face
But I cannot masturbate.

I stuck my hand in
A meet grinder and it felt
Very very nise.

Ja Rule eats chedder
Cheese bcuz hiz grandma iz
An angstie rockitship

Mi radiater
Warmz me up with chear end warmth
In the wintertime.

Shakspeere snorts kokayne
End vomits like a lentil spoon
All over ravens.

Ramen is my frend.
It is very ramenlyke
With noodels end shit.

Look owt Will Shakspeere
Theres a midgit behind u
End he haz a gun.

Look owt Kit Marlowe
Ukrainians will burn u
Cuz u lyke grilld cheese.

Look owt Kit Marlowe
The evil radiater
Does not like rugby.