she was walking down the street alone.

one step. two steps. three steps.
the sound of a passing train stopped her.

(that was the sign that she'd been looking for.)

she ran all the way home but through her tears
she was positive that she saw the word "hope"
spelled out in the clouds.

her time had come.

with her small bag in hand and all of her stuff
sticking out of the ends, she moved.

redemption song was singing in her mind.

as she took a seat, her little green ticket fell
to the ground next to the rosary her grandmother
gave her before she died.

if for no one else, keep praying for me…

it was her grandmother's dying wish.

but instead of obedience, she ran from all of
the things that her grandmother told her to pray for.

all of them.

suddenly, she realized she was by herself.
her friends were behind the wooden bench
and the ticket stand.

(her friends were crying for her at her house.)

she picked up her rosary, closed her hands around the beads
and pressed them close to her chest.

she felt the touch of her grandmother's fingers
through the necklace.

the only one who ever loved her was with her in that moment.
she knew she had to keep living for her grandmother who couldn't.

her little green ticket took its place on the sidewalk
but she turned the other way.