boycotting the reflection

light-up make-up mirrors illuminate
all flaws to the point of exhaustion.

(that's when the eyeliner becomes important.)

it not only covers the flaws of your face,
but also the image that's being reflected.

"beautiful to him"
(that's all your able to see)

shadowing the words you wrote on the glass
is your brown eyes and the full-lips
recently consuming aspirin to make
pain go away inside.

(no one told you it only works for physical aches)

and you sigh when nothing helps.

it takes a look out the window
...watching stars dance around each other in different galaxies
exploding in colors of the rainbow...
to see any promise of hope.

a boycotted reflection in the mirror and the window
allows a new perspective in life.

(the dirt from the car that didn't see you when you
were walking in the street mixed with your [ugly
red pimple and uneven dark eyebrows)

none of that matters anymore.

it's just you and His words of hope in your sloppy
cursive handwriting written out in black eyeliner
covering the windows and mirrors.

that writes love on your heart.

and suddenly, the flaws aren't so bad.
you realize they are just perfected through Him
(and the power of His words.)