Hidden Game by: -YourShoesDon'tFit-

We haven't touched in years

Well, a couple of days

My hearts pounding

My back pocket sounding

Picking up; your voice breaks through the noise

As you spot us, followed by the boys

We hide behind the crowd

Holding each other has my soul screaming loud

I can almost hear the singles

They're free, so they touch, move and mingle

We do the same but never to close

We've gone everywhere-

Except where you wanna go the most

The score is close; crowd is roaring

He jumps; so close to scoring

I watch the time, praying

But it just keeps going

The buzzer sounds

I grab your waist

Breathe in your smell

Imagine kissing your face…

And I guess we'll go deeper

They say I'll be sure

But I doubt it; surprises make my heart spur

So surprise me

I don't really know but I feel I'm ready

Take me outback and we'll hide

So I can fully get you inside

Heya. I guess I could say this poem is very innocent and sweet. Me and him…we hid behind people ((and our parents, occasionally)) at school games and touched and hugged and stuff; never kissed. It's different than most of my work. So tell me if I suck at this kind of poetry.