blank page cascading before me;
can't think of a single thing to say
(imagining heated arguments &
suicide attempts
wandering mind trying to ignore the
facts I can't deny;
I honestly wonder how long it'll be before
I cave (again).
flat stare across the room
T H E . W A L L . W I L L . L I V E
& . T H A T . C L O C K . I S . A L I V E
I . W I L L . T H E M . T O . B R E A T H E . & . F E E L.
sweaty palms and black fingernails so
desperately hanging on to
wishing for the fairytale ending they
W I L L never C O M E
(but they deserve it – right?)

a/n: This is the edited version. There is actually a little more formatting to it, but I'm not ready to post that part of it yet for fear of exposure.