Social Contract

Ignoring the silence

Behind enemy lines

So quick to die yet

So content to live the lie

And we know everything must go in the end

And we know everything about the "truth" we can't defend

But I confess I feel compelled to ask you

Request you give me one reason for what we do

The question that comes to mind is

"Why does it have to end at this time?"

And I say everything doesn't have to reach an end

We've got eternity to continue to defend

We don't have to go

I think we all know

That if we would only stop

We wouldn't have to go

With the wind at our backs

And our feet to the streets

We can get back on track

Armed with nothing but humanity

And time will show that

We can only grow with time

So please don't get in my way

Of living through another day

I only hope we can agree to stop

So we don't have to go