Chapter 1-

The floor creaks as I lay in bed and I slowly lift my eyelids. There it was again, a small creak in the floor boards on the stairs. I heaved myself up and looked at my watch: 1:00am. As I crept to the door and I heard a few whispers which obviously meant someone was outside there, but I didn't recognise the voices so it must be robbers... or worse. Murderers.

But wait – why did I wake up? These people were as quiet as cats stalking a bird in its nest, me being the bird in the nest and them being the cat of course. Then it hit me; I had heard some glass smash and woken as an instinct. Gradually my breath grew louder and faster. 'Okay' I thought to myself, 'the only way for me to survive this is to devise a way of escape or attack.'

'And to calm down.' I added as an afterthought. I looked around my room for a weapon to defend myself against them. There was a small glint in the corner of my eye and I quickly turned around to see my favourite silver baseball bat and ball – perfect. I grabbed them both, crept to my door and prepared myself. I slammed it open.

There were two of them, whispering to each other casually. They noticed me and glanced me over. I wasn't much to see. Male, rather scrawny, medium length black hair and not tall and not short, just in-between. I was 19 and I lived by myself in a huge mansion which I inherited from my father, who I never knew and never saw after I was 6. The men went back to their whispering which, by the sounds of it, wasn't in English. 'Uh... hello?' I said in a small voice.

'Ah so you are here. We weren't sure whether this was your residence or not, although it looks like something your father would make.' Now they both seemed very interested in me and were studying me almost longingly.

'Wh...Who are you?' I asked stupidly.

'That is unimportant, the real question is who are you? As you obviously don't know. I'm guessing your father left you at about 6. Am I right?' He asked in an almost bored voice.

'Yes,' I replied a bit more confident that they weren't suddenly going to pull out guns and shoot me.

'Yeah, it's him,' the man said to my wall.

'How do you know?' the other one said.

'It's okay; it's him,' the wall said in reply to the first one's statement.

'Ah okay... well then it's time,' the second male said.

'Yes, indeed it is,' the wall and the first one replied. And then my worst fear came to life; they both pulled out guns and shot me.