I woke up sweating.

Not again.

The same dream for the third time in a row. What was happening? It had seemed so real; just like it had all the other times. I had inspected that wall a thousand times and nothing had happened, I had even repeated the words of the dream, and sadly enough even the sound effects of the gun shots.

I went down the stairs of my mansion and reached the kitchen. I normally didn't eat breakfast but I felt like eating something today. I pulled out my mobile and called Mike, my best friend.

'Hello?' Mike said.

'Hey Mike, it's me, Sebastian.' I replied.

'Who?' he asked.

'Me, you know, Sebastian.'

'No... nah I'm just kidin' ya.' I sighed.

'Anyways, you want to go somewhere for breakfast? I'm starving and there's nothing in my pantry but canned olives.'

'Yeah okay. Where?'

'Umm, the usual?'

'Yeah okay, meet you in half an hour.'

'See you then.' There was a small click saying that he had hung up so I placed the phone back in my pocket and headed for the bathroom to get ready. I had a quick and cold shower before doing my teeth, put some clean clothes on and headed out the door to my black Mercedes Benz which I had also inherited from my father. Sometimes I wished I'd known him better.

I sighed. I hated thinking about him. As I reached the car I heard an animal make some stupid noise.

I eventually reached "the usual spot" which was called Coffee & Mealtime. I walked in to find Mike already there sipping a glass of water. He waved me over and made me a glass of water, too.

'Thanks,' I murmured as I accepted the water from him and took a sip.

'So why d'you suddenly wanna go out for breakfast? Feelin' lonely in that mansion of yours?' he mocked me. I just laughed in reply.

'So whaddya want?' I said.

'Eh... oh, um, how 'bout some bacon and eggs?' he offered to the menu more than to me.

'Yeah I'll just have some pancakes...' I thought aloud before waving a waiter over and ordering both our meals. After waiting for about 10 minutes, our meals came and I scoffed mine down and drank my coffee. After I had finished I realised that it had taken me about 5 minutes to finish my whole meal. I looked up at Mike and saw his mouth open as he had just watched me.

'So... I see you were hungry then...' he muttered, clearly dumbfounded.

'Yeah that's a bit odd. I don't normally eat breakfa—' I stopped mid sentence as in the corner of my eye I saw the two guys from my dream. They were looking very intently at me. As fast as I could I turned around and expected to see them pull out guns and shoot me again. But to my surprise they weren't there. Eventually reality faded back into my head and I heard Mike saying my name.

'Seb? What's wrong, Seb?'

'Uh... what? Oh yeah... sorry.'

'You were just sitting there staring off into space for like ten minutes. Do you feel sick after eating all that food?'

'No... don't worry about it.' I attempted a smile, although I could tell by the restrain of laughter on his face that I looked like an idiot so I gave up.

For the rest of our time at breakfast I wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying, but kept looking back at the empty bench were I was sure that those two men in my dream were sitting. It dumbfounded me but it seemed just like my dreams: seems true but obviously not. Eventually Mike realised I wasn't listening to a word he was saying and was determined to find out what was wrong.

'You know, you don't seem right. Therefore, as your friend, it is my duty to come home with you and take care of you till you are better. Come on, we're leaving now.' And as if I had no say in it whatsoever, he grabbed my arm, pulled me up from the bench, payed the bill and drove me home. Which, we discovered when we returned home, had been broken into and everything was messed up. But what I found most disturbing was that my house now looked the same as it had in my dream. My bat and ball sitting there, blood covering the floor from where I had supposedly been shot, it was all the same.

I could tell from Mike's expression that he too had noticed that my mansion had been totally destroyed. I slowly made my way towards my room to have a lie down, I was just so exhausted. I ignored the fact that Mike was gasping and asking me how this happened and why there was blood all over the floor. I eventually made it to my bed. I drifted off to sleep, ignoring the presence of Mike completely.

When I woke I was gasping and struggling for air. Mike rushed in, he had obviously heard from the room next door where he normally slept when he stayed the night. 'You okay?' he asked although by the look on his face he was worried, and slightly tired.

'You look...' I hesitated, 'tired.'

'Well yeah of course I am you have obviously forgotten it's your birthday, and so I stayed up all night cleaning this place, which by the way means I've had half an hour of sleep, and then just as I started falling asleep again you wake up screaming and gasping. So I raced in here. Anyway onto the point the longest bit of this mansion it took me to clean was the hallway outside this room, which by the way the carpet is now blood red, but my main concern is... why there was blood covering your carpet?' Two minutes passed in awkward silence before he finally sighed, stood up and left the room. 'Oh and by the way there's a party happening here tonight so you better get your arse outta' bed and get ready it's already 1pm and people arrive at 6pm.' He called after him.

'How many?'

'About 6 maybe 5.' I groaned I didn't feel like getting out of bed and especially not socializing. I dragged my feet out of bed and headed for my bathroom. After a nice and long hot shower I felt much better, although I didn't do my teeth as I was about to have lunch. Once I had reached the kitchen I saw Mike already cooking lunch and dinner at the same time, he waved at me and said 'Spaghetti Balinese okay for dinner?'

'Yeah it's fine.'

'Cool, although your opinion didn't really matter cause I've already started making and I wasn't planning on stopping even if you said no.' I just laughed and sat down.

'So what's for lunch?'

'Just a sandwich; ham, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and cheese.'


'Sounds nice don't it?' We both laughed for no reason as he put our sandwiches on the table. I stopped laughing suddenly and nearly chocked.

'Don't move don't do anything!' I whispered hoarsely to Mike.

'What? Why not? What's wrong? Seb?'

'Outside the window on the left do you see two people standing there? Don't look directly but they're behind me and I can't see them very well.'

'Yeah... I can, they look about 19 maybe 20. Both males, wearing weird clothes, it's sorta funny.'

'Pretend you can't see them, do you have a mobile can you take a picture of them?'

Yeah I do, I'll pretend I just got a text message, kay?' he didn't wait for an answer and he pulled out his phone pulled it up and I heard a small click and that obviously meant he had taken a photo. At the click they both reacted in suprise and startd running but before they were too far I screamed 'You're invited to my birthday!' At this they stopped turned, smiled and bowed, then were gone.

'What the HELL?' Mike exclaimed.

'They're the people that shot me.' I said as calmly as I could.

'So...The...That...Blood was yours?' he said horrified.

'Yeah that's why I was so hungry and tired, loss of blood,' I acted as if I had known this all along, but I was figuring it out as I went along.

'So... why did you invite them to your birthday?'

'Only thing I thought of that would catch their attention.'

'I see... no I don't... I'm totally confused... am I dreaming?' I sighed.

'No you're not dreaming, but we had better get ready for the party there are going to be two extra and I have no clue what they like so... yeah.'

'Well I'll just cook something extra then. My god, cleaning up this house was tiring if I drown in the food please don't eat my body thinking it's the main course.' I sighed this was defiantly going to be a birthday I would remember, but I was still feeling a bit sleepy to, so I headed off to bed but the moment I reached the kitchen door Mike said 'Where do you think you're going?'

'Ummmm... to bed, why?'

'You, birth-day boy, are to get ready and then you are going to help get this place ready for your party now... GO GET READY!'

'O...kay,' I replied and continued my trip up to my room where I started picking out clothes and brushing my uncontrollable hair (which by the way I never did get back to trying to brush my hair after the first brush broke) and by the time I had finished all that and done my teeth I headed downstairs and checked the clock 5:30pm already. Once me and Mike had finished the cooking we went to the tiring task of decorating the place up, I let Mike borrow my car so he could drive to the closest shop and get some stuff as we only had 15 minutes left till 6pm. Once he had come back with bags full of steamers, chips, chocolate, party crackers, candles and even some fireworks for after dinner, which would most likely be enjoyed by everyone cause they were the most expensive type. As the clock reached 6 there was a giant chirping noise from my room. 'Forgot I bought that,' I said, about two weeks ago I bought one of those old fashioned clocks. Mike only laughed in reply and then ran upstairs after ten minutes he called me up there, once I reached my room I realised he had gotten it half out the door.

'Help me get it into the living room, the guests have got to see this!' he said laughing. I only sighed and helped him. Once we had got it down the stairs there was a knock on the door and I ran to get it, it was exactly as I had expected, the two men were there except this time they were wearing casual clothes. Then it sprung into my mind we had never checked the photo of them. 'Hey Mike, they're here! Also let's look at the photo on your phone before we let them in, kay?' he came running in with his phone in one hand and a bar of chocolate in the other.

'Oh my god! We completely forgot!' As he flipped open his phone and I heard a few beeps from it he dropped his bar of chocolate.

'What?' I asked surprised at his behaviour.

'They aren't in it!' he whispered hoarsely.

'What?!' He waved me over and showed me over it shoed where they had been standing but it didn't show them.

'What did you expect?' one of the two men said right behind us, we both jumped and screamed, they both laughed at us.

'Sorry to surprise you,' the other one said, 'by the way I'm Daniel and he's Zach.'

'Uh... hi I'm Sebastian and he's Mike.'

'We know,' Zack said.

'I thought you would,' I said exasperated.

'T...the other guests should be here soon,' Mike said still looking dumbfounded.

'Yeah okay,' Daniel said. But after 10minutes we gave up and all had some beer within 20 minutes we were all drunk.

'Uuuuuuuh, what happened?' I said as I gained consciousness, my head was killing me, that's right I got drunk, I must be hung over. I dragged myself up from my bed and made my way downstairs. Mike was already making breakfast for both of us. 'Zach and Daniel left a while ago, in fact you just missed them, they said to say goodbye to you, goodbye, and breakfast is porridge just in case you couldn't smell it,' he added.

'Oh... thanks, you know you can go home and have your own breakfast if you want.'

'And waste this porridge I don't think so.' I laughed.

'Yeah okay...' I was particularly happy today; I knew that out of the corner of my eye I wouldn't see two mysterious men standing there.

'So what are you planning on doing today... hey guess what you're 20!'

'Oh yeah... what happened last night?'

'Don't remember, oh yeah someone said there was big news turn the TV on would you?' he asked.

'Kay,' I said and reached and flicked the power button instantly sound came saying, '6 people killed last night in their cars all in the same lane and apparently heading to the same place, the people have been identified as Laura & George Wooben, Mitchell & Michelle Michaels, Tammie & Sean Roberts,' I gasped but the TV kept going, 'if you know any information on how this could of happened please call 1800 6827. May we pray they have a safe journey to heaven.' I hadn't even realised that Mike had come and sat beside me.

'That's why they never turned up for the party, looks like it's just you and me now Seb, everyone else is... is... I can't say it.'

'Dead...' I finished for before the kettle broke the silence, I slowly got up and poured some coffee for us both and put the porridge in bowls. We sat on the table eating out breakfast in complete silence and mourning. After we had both finished our breakfasts we sat down a little longer in silence before I said, 'they wouldn't want us to be upset, let's call the number and tell them they were heading to my party and that they never arrived.'

'Yeah, okay.' And so I did, I picked up the phone called the number and answered a few questions that the operator asked.