i watched her go last night.

she took the car and her brand-new
uniform just walking away from us
for us.

daddy said mama had a purpose
it was her calling, her duty, her job.

daddy said mama loves us.
daddy said she just left to give us freedom.

(i can still hear her promise echoing through my soul.)

i'll never forget you, baby girl.
i love you so much.

when daddy used to talk about her
it didn't make sense to me.

i didn't understand why she had to leave.

daddy's tears explained our situation
a lot better than the mailed in letter.
he said it was war; it needed to be done.

(he reminded me that freedom isn't free.)

then he gave me a book
he told me that there were others who did the same.
no, not others.

just one; one man.

one man died for freedom because he loved us.
daddy said he was in war, too,
(but a war against man's nature)

real war is man's nature;
real war is a sin.

(that's what my teacher told me.)

but i don't believe her;
mama died for freedom and love
out of passion

(just like the man in my daddy's book.)

and mama's still a hero in my eyes.