The rainy cool air coming in my window

-moving my hair and carries the courtyard bird's chirping in

brings my toes to a cool lake cold

-and once my toes are cold the rest of my body follows.

I'm listening to the birds in the courtyard

Through the open window

and they remind me of Texas

For some reason I want to share this with you – but you are asleep

It's early still, the sun has not risen

And I consider waking you to watch the colors

Of the morning as the sun (wakes)

And then I could tell you about the birds. but I do not

instead I just lay in your stillness and listen to your breath

I can smell you- a smell that was once meant to be good but is now stale

I enjoy when you snore I study your arms

the ones I fell asleep in – hairy and strong. and consider

There's something to your kisses

I can tell

And I know you're here and you want to be

I can tell

-because the look you gave me before you left-

it was true - I'm still trying to read

your smile in your eyes

in that genuine moment of time.

and you knew it was good and you

knew it was nothing but true

and the only question left is weather

you would trust yourself - to let us be.

and until you are willing to let it be

I'm afraid that I cannot – sit-on-that-metal-roof-top

Under the stars and there

will be no more painting time with you.

because I find it awful hard

to just be friends

while there you are

sleeping in my bed.