Drabble 1 - Barmaid

Karuri defined herself as a typical, ordinary woman. She had a plain face and the plain clothes of a barmaid. Brown eyes, curly red hair pulled into a short, mousy little bun. She slept with the men that were on their way from or to war and in need of a woman's soft caress, and had three children because of it and no husband. Her oldest child was a sprouting boy of fifteen, and her littlest were girls at the age of seven and five.

The bar she worked at was quaint and immaterial, a run-down little building buried in the deep nooks of the capital, most travelers would never know that it existed and the locals that came in were often regulars that had been doing business there for years and would continue doing so. The Rabbit Snare was small, run down, and the smell of smoke had soaked into the very floorboards, but it was consistent and homey. Everybody knew one another on friendly terms.

Karuri smiled sweetly and she served one of the regulars and his buddies fresh, warm sake. They roared with laughter at some joke and old man Jubiru slapped her rump. She squeaked and looked at him.

"Oh, you dirty old man," she said teasingly, "Keep those hands to yourself, would you? I'm got a lot on my plate tonight!"

The young man beside Jubiru blushed, a new comer.

"Lighten up, my princess!" The white-haired man chuckled. "It's my nephew Sairu's birthday! A grown man now!"

Karuri eyed the brunette curiously now. "Oh? Well, happy birthday, Sairu-san." She leaned on the table toward him, her elbows flat on the wood and watched in amusement as the man blushed at her full cleavage. "Tell me, have you ever been with a woman before?"

The other men broke into laughter again and she slid one hand behind her back where Sairu couldn't see. Jubiru slipped money into her palm and she smirked seductively. The jewels were large and smooth in her hand; she would be able to feed her children and pay the rent for a week if she stretched it.

Sairu began to stammer, his gray eyes wide, but Karuri would have none of it, slowly pulling him to his feet and guiding him out of the crowds. She collided their lips together once they reached the hall, guiding his hands to her breasts. He had to be no more than twenty, half her age, but at least he appeared to be a quick learner. His hands found their way under her skirts rather rapidly for one who seemed such a kid.

She was not, however, prepared for the knife that was suddenly piercing her inner thigh. She opened her mouth to scream, but Sairu's hand covered her mouth, preventing her from making any noise.

"You have a debt to pay, Karuri-san." He hissed.

Her eyes widened in recognition and she began to struggle against him, trying to block out the pain as blood ran down her legs.

"Damn whore!" Sairu growled before punching her in the side of the head. She went lip, dazed, the walls spinning around her. She mumbled something through his hand.

"Your month is up." He told her and smirked. "Don't worry about your kids. Your son has always wanted to fight in battle, right? And I know many men that'll take good care of your daughters."

She began struggling again, her eyes wide with horror and fear.

Sairu shrugged at her. "What do you expect? You can't 'borrow' money from Prince Gallagher and get away without repaying him. We're at war, lady. Everything has its price."

Jubiru and the other men welcomed him back with cheers and demands for more sake, no one taking notice of the red-stained dagger hidden within his clothes.

End Drabble 1 – Barmaid


I'm not sure what inspired me to start writing these drabbles. I believe it was mostly a need to properly set out the way everything in Hirine works, society, people, etc. especially since I haven't gotten all of that stuff planned out as much as I'd like to. My first draft of Sugar Addiction pretty much had everything happen during peacetime, which really didn't make too much sense. Why save the world if there's nothing bad going on? Now, I can delve deeper into the humans' society and corrupt it properly to give my characters a good reason to go on their adventure.

I don't plan on having any of the characters actually show up in my novels, but we'll see what happens. I may decide to write a couple things on my actual characters to help develop them better and ingrain them into society.

By the way, "Hirine" is the name of my made-up world that all these characters live in. In Hirine, the sun rises from the west and there are two whole moons and one broken one.

Until next time!