Your trembling fingers lace through mine

The black ribbon stitches my wounds

And makes my heart have rhythm again

Tick Tocking its way 'till the next explosion

Five Four Three Two Zero

And we're back to square one again aren't we?

Now I'm sick and tired of this earthquake weather

Hearing the cracking of my heart over and over and

The twitch of your fingers as they leave mine once more

So when is the fairy tale ending coming,

Or are we to forever live on the edge of San Andreas Fault?

The dry, cracked Earth, fading from existence with each tremor

The rotten oasis like the two of us, perfectly disastrous.

Each time a little more drops off into the abyss

And each time a little more of me is lost

Still, we keep saying we see the starlight in the others eyes.


We cling to the edge of the world like we cling to each other,

Praying and hoping to god we can climb back on to the surface,

Climb back to reality which isn't this catastrophe.

We are weak.

I am weak for my lonely eagerness to leave

And you are for your feeble ILoveYous and selfishness to make me stay.

We are weakness.

The epiphany of never ending bliss/hate.,

The epitome of a caged songbird.

Nothing but a metaphor about a moth to it's flame.

Say your sorry, and your usual promises for better days.

Say your painted lies to casually reel the drowning fish back in

We both acknowledge our weakness, our complete and utter lack preservation.

We both understand how deeply we need to sever the tie.

We both comprehend that we're a ship in a maelstrom,

No hope so we may as well enjoy the ride.

We are weak. Yet I am weaker for my only real weakness is