A/N: Ok, well. This is a poem I wrote around New Year's Eve. I don't know. Just thought I should put some of my work up. Feel free to review, if you want. I won't make it nessecary. ((By the way, I don't mind flames or constructive critisism or whatever. Say what you wanna say.))

They think they know me,

They think they know of my strife,

They say they care for me,

But they know nothing of my life.

They want to know me?

Well, here's my confession.

I'm in pain and suffering,

I'm hiding my depression.

Putting on fake smiles

Has always been a talent of mine,

I make up stories

And they believe the lies.

They think they know

How bad it has become,

But they have no idea,

They are so wrong.

I'm trapped in this hell,

I'm not sure how much longer.

But everyday that I live,

It will just become harder.